by Robin Denton in London, England, United Kingdom

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We want to travel with a solar powered vehicle to every country in Africa to promote self determination,unity and solidarity.

by Robin Denton in London, England, United Kingdom

Re :” Return to Africa”-Mayibuye - a trip across Africa to demonstrate the power of the sun and to inspire self empowerment & Self determination with an African made solartrike.

The Solar Cycle 

The Solar Cycle was first built as a prototype in Rabat, Morocco in 2014. 4 years on Solar E Cycle has opened up in Kenya, India,Madagascar and South Africa. It has a 4 wheel version and a 3 wheel version. Its height is around 1.65 cm - 1.85 cm - Width 100 cm - and Length 3.1m - the trailer if added is another 3 metres long. Total weight is around 100 kg. The mission of these solar cycles is to empower Africans in rural and high density villages,towns and cities with a power source that can pump water- generate electricity for homes - charge mobile phones etc. 

The Solar Cycle Mayibuye Tour

“ Mayibuye “ - Zulu word meaning - bringing back what is lost - Mayibuye is a strong word used during the liberation struggle - it was about returning to the glory of Africa and its self determination, freedom, empowerment independence. 

This is why we have chosen this word to symbolise what this journey is all about. We want to bring Africa out of poverty into prosperity and true economic freedom. To unite Africa in her greatness with solidarity and equality for all. 

With free energy and transportation we can improve the lives of thousands if not millions on the continent...and one thing Africa has a lot of… its the sun! 

Fred Nebut , a Swedish national and Robin Denton (founder of the Africa Unite Party in South Africa- a Voice for Change 2019-and partner in a pioneering  prototype solar electric vehicle  “ the Zooma-  Zooma”-made and produced in Kenya will be setting off from Nairobi this September for the Cape of Good Hope. 

The brainchild of ex banker Roger Christen from Canada, the solar cycle vision is to empower Africans with a reliable and free energy source and transportation mechanism.  Solar E cycle have already started producing the vehicles for mostly rural areas where electricity and transport is both costly and scarce. 

Other factories have been established in Morocco and other countries such as South Africa and Madagascar. 

The aim of this 10 000 km journey through 8 countries is to prove that the sun can solve major issues of energy and transport , communication and development. 

Robin said : “ For me this has always been a dream to revisit the nations of my youth and to be able to give something back. Plus I strongly believe the only way forward to empower all of Africa is to unite and work together to make Africa a dream for all to live in. Africa has so much potential – so many resources and its time to break down the walls that divide us and build the bridges that will bring more solidarity and self-determination. 

This journey – the first of its kind in the world will show that everything is possible if we only believe and use what we have around us to empower us . We must believe in ourselves and not in our circumstances.

“TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE AFRICA AND ALL AFRICANS  GREAT AGAIN! MAYIBUYE iAFRICA- Return O’ Africa- Let it come back “ We can make AFRICA a shining light for the nations !

 And we can UNITE for the sake our children. All we need to do is believe in our Creator, abilities and our strength together.  

The solar cycle is powered by the sun. Its captures the light energy in its solar panel and it is stored in the battery and form there is used to generate electricity which moves the motor and the vehicle. There is still much work to be done to perfect these vehicles but they work. As technology improves they will get faster and better. At the moment the vehicle can do around 50 kmph and about 50-250km per day depending on size. 

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We want to partner with afrophiles who feel Africa deserves a second chance and who believe in the future of this continent . So we offer every donor a chance to join us on our epic journey across the continent to 56 countries. If you are not able to join us wherever our we are... you can also receive your name in the garden of the righteous which we will plant at the end of our journey. Or if you wish you can get a free Africa Unite T shirt.