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by Louis in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Software Development


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HiMy name is Louis and I am a software developer. I had an app idea that I thought could have a real inpact in todays society.Every saturday...

by Louis in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom


My name is Louis and I am a software developer. I had an app idea that I thought could have a real inpact in todays society.

Every saturday morning, 9:00 A.M, I am at the barber shop waiting to have my haircut. Sometimes, I had to wait for upto 2 hours just to get my haircut.

The reason why I went on saturdays is because saturday is the only day I could go, as I work all week and it was about 10 miles from where I work. Not to mention, it is very cheap!

Even after booking an appointment on the phone, I still had to wait a couple of hours before my turn.

So I asked the barber why he didn't have an appointment list or something, his reply was "it takes to long to write it down". I asked, have you looked at softwares that could help you with that? He said "Too expensive and complicated".

This is a guy who's been cutting my hair since I was 10 and everything in the barber shop still looks the same, even after 15years. 

Some people do not like change, or peharps they haven't been introduced to change.

So I asked him if he would be interested in a booking system that could help him manage his bookings? As he lost an average of two clients a day, if the shop is too busy. He said yes, but it shouldn't be too complicated or expensive. I asked him how much he was willing to pay a month, he said "Nothing!". We started laughing and he said "With all honesty, probably £10 a month". I said to him that is fair enough, we shook hands and I left.

Ever since, I have been researching and working on this application just so I could help other people in similar situations, just like my barber, especially during times like this.

During my time researching, I noticed that what most companies offered, only benefited large buisiness. So I decided that it would be a good idea to build something that would benefit, both small and large buisinesses.

In order for this project to be completed successfully, I would need some extra man power, hence the reason for this page.

I am very passionate about solving problems, and this is just one of the many ideas I have. 

Let me know if you have any questions :)


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