Soft Play Centre and Trampoline Park

Soft Play Centre and Trampoline Park

I am raising funds for a business start up in Thatcham. I aim to open up a soft play centre and a trampoline park within the next year.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I have done some market research to see what people want from soft play centres. From my findings I have found they want more toddler areas, more for babies (sensory play) and a section for disabled as well as older children. The trampoline park will be in the same building and is better for older children whilst the younger children can play in the soft play.  

I am trying to raise funds so i can include the following:

Bigger ball pools, better baby areas/toys, breast feeding rooms, sensory section, chalkboard walls, better supervision, easy to see the kids, more of a toddler area, music, tv's and a disabled area.