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So Fancy Gift Shop

Myself and my daughter would like to start our own handmade gift business!

We did it!

On 26th May 2017 we successfully raised £215 with 3 supporters in 28 days

Hello. My name is Beki, myself and my daughter Courtney would like to start our own online handmade gift business.

Our idea in a nutshell! We want to make lots of beautiful bespoke items for lots of different occasions and sell them to the wonderful people of the world who are looking for something a little different.

About Us

We both get on with each other so well, more like best friends really. I love anything creative and crafty and have been making thing's for friend's and family as gift's for as long as I can remember. Everyone has always said how much they love them and how talented I am. Which is always lovely to hear. I made this set below for my daughter's 18th birthday. She love'd it!

Here below are some of our most popular items - street signs and our new unicorn candles! 

Courtney being just 18 keep's me young and is great on the computer, along with designing, editing, all thing's technical so we make the perfect team! 

I am currently employed part time as a domestic assistant in a residential home, as I had Courtney when I was young. (just 17)  I had a few year's out to look after her. Before I had Courtney I did an NVQ in retail which I loved. When I Went back to work it was just something to pay the bill's that worked well around school. I have been in my current job for about 8 years, although I really don't like my job I need to pay the bill's and as I have another daughter now who is 4 it again work's well around her.

Courtney is currently working part time as a sale's assistant, she love's chatting to all the customer's and helping them find what they need. When she left school she also did a business apprenticeship and learn't all about various things along the business industry such as: invoicing, word processing, spreadsheet formulas etc. When she completed her apprenticeship it was her choice to help with my dreams. We both knew that we would work perfectly together! We recently went on a 'starting your own business' course together to help us get more knowledge of all the ins and outs of running a business. We both loved it and are now even more determined than ever! As Courtney's still young it would be great if we could build this business together and make it a success for her and her sister's future.

What Were doing now

We have recently set up a website and business Facebook page, and have had alot of interest. People love personalised item's that they can have their family name on or their children's name's on. It make's it that little bit more special.  Which we love!

We are always thinking of new ideas between us and cant wait to get started on them all, which is so exciting for both of us! When you order from us and your parcel arrive's at your door we want you to be as excited about receiving it as we were making it so we are going to be adding a little "Happy Surprise" inside every order. Just a little token of our appreciation.

Our Aim

We are asking for £3500, we want you to believe in us as much as we believe in ourselves. 

This money will go toward's getting our business off the ground. We need workspace as at the minute my bedroom is getting taken over by paint's and craft supplies! We want to get a large shed for the garden that we can work in, obviously we need security, lock's and an alarm system. We need worktop's, shelving etc. We also want to get a computer and printer because at the minute our iPhone's can only do so much. We need business card's and flyer's, business sign's, marketing material's. We need to get allsort's of craft supplies, wood, paint's glue etc. Packaging material's to send out our parcel's. Also so that we can sell at craft fair's we need to get a fold up table, table display item's, boxes and a trolly to carry all our stock. Lastly but by no mean's least we need to get a few more different type's of insurance so we are legal and prepared for any problem's.

What We are offering you!

As a way of saying  thank you for believing in us both here is what we can do for you. 

Pledging £5 to us, you will receive a 10% discount voucher off any order you place with us!

pledging £10 to us you will receive a 25% discount voucher off any order you place with us!

Pledging £20 to us, you will receive one of our beautiful "Hanging Wooden Street Signs" with any quote up to 30 letter's and any colour of your choice!

Pledging £50 to us, you will receive any 2 of our item's of your choice! Have a browse through our pages below!

Pledging £100 to us, you will receive any 3 of our item's of your choice plus 25% discount off any order.

Have a browse through our pages below! 


"Beki is very artistic and can customise her products to suit what you require to add that personal touch." - Gillian Astle

"Very talented young lady every gift I have had has been perfect 5 out of 5!" - Kate Jordan

"Absolutely amazing products at amazing prices so talented.. products are personalised as you want them great gifts.. I have had various personalised products & very pleased with all of them thank you will definitely be ordering more." - Sarah Greensmith

Everyone has a dream and our's is to enjoy our job! We don't want to be millionaires (although that would be nice. Lol) We just want to work together, be happy, enjoy getting up for work in the morning's and make a living doing what we love, so if we raise the money we need, you will be helping to make 2 lovely ladies dream's come true! 

Thank you so much for reading our story and we hope you are as excited about our business as we are!

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