Societal. Safe introduction community based app.

by Anna Was Lewis Wright in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

Societal. Safe introduction community based app.


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An app that puts people in touch with each other whether romantically or otherwise. It will result in local businesses growing too.

by Anna Was Lewis Wright in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

I have had an idea for a great App that I have named SOCIETAL which translates to 'relating to society or social change'

I grew a basic idea and made it inclusive to absolutely everyone looking to fulfill any need whether romantically, business orientated or otherwise. No, this is not just another dating site!

I have researched what is available already and, like most things, most apps have pro's and con's. I have managed to grow the pro's and eliminate the cons of the most popular apps worldwide; a very extensive job in itself.

I have great confidence in my product and am looking for enough supporters to enable me to take the first step.

I am Crowdfunding to raise the much needed funds to create a prototype which will visually present the concept of my app, with its graphics and key user journeys, which can then be shown to companies who produce Apps or other parties for feedback.

SOCIETAL will also enhance local businesses bringing extra trade to the local community as a safety feature will be provided which makes this happen.  

I would love to expand on what my App includes exactly but appreciatively the idea is not yet protected. The process of creating the prototype will make it easier to protect which will be done. A professionally drafted patent application in the United Kingdom will be included in the first step too.


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