A Speakeasy Bar with a difference ...

by Sharon Cave in London, England, United Kingdom


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I am going to open a Speakeasy bar with a difference: Bring Your Own Food, 0% alcohol drinks alternatives, live music, vintage nights.

by Sharon Cave in London, England, United Kingdom

A Speakeasy bar with a touch of something different. 

London is a great city but just like all big cities you're surrounded by people busy getting on with their lives. I am not a native Londoner; I grew up in Wales and moved to London at 25 years old. Despite going to university and having countless jobs (I've worked as a contractor for many years, a lonely existence) I have always found it difficult to keep enough people (friends) in my life to really enjoy London. 

Over the years friends have moved out of London, got partnered up, had babies, turned out to be not as nice as I originally thought. This has been my life, can you relate to this? 

I have also had enough of my current career (felt like this for years) and I need a new challenge  that I can get excited about and that I can keep building on. So I asked myself; what do I really enjoy doing now and what have I enjoyed in the past that I no longer do? Answer going out drinking in nice bars and working in the entertainment industry (I've been a Croupier and a Wine Host in the past) 

Ok, so socialising and working in the entertainment sector. The idea was born - I'll open a bar. So this is how I got here, on Crowdfunder trying to raise funds to make my idea happen.  


News reports say we are in a  loneliness epidemic and of course money for a lot of us is tight. I decided I wanted to help people feel less lonely and more included i.e. enjoy their life. Yes, there are online friends' group you can join and go on social events; and, yes these are great, I've used them myself and made some friends but what if that's not your thing. 

Maybe you feel that such social situations are forced or you haven't got time to go online and setup a profile, search through the list of events to attend, clicking that attendance button, putting it in your diary or just remembering you have to attend. Sounds like hard work? :-( Or maybe your job makes it difficult to plan social events. 

So here is the problem I set myself to solve: how can people go out, socialise and make new friends i.e. stop being lonely; but also not ‘break the bank?

My solution: Amendment XVIII brought to you by The Ministry of Temperance.

You need a bar that is a home away from home with extra friendly faces.
Flying solo or out with friends you can expect a whole-hearted welcome. And a chance to make new friends at Amendment XVIII. 

My plan is to create a bar where you can come and feel comfortable and welcome. A bar where it is easier to talk to people you don't know and socialise and who knows maybe even become friends. 

Help me to create a community comprising of all who come to the bar no matter where they live.  

Creating a community - London style; no matter where you live in London or in fact the world when you come to Amendment XVIII you have joined a community. A relaxed atmosphere, a home away from home.

The bar - Amendment XVII

In a nutshell: 

Games + drinks & food + meeting new people + looking ‘hot’ on a Friday and Saturday oh yes and the jazz = a lot less alone-ness.

Here it is:

  • A choice of Board games. Ask people you haven’t met if they fancy playing a game of… (yes talk to stranger)   
  • The option to sit at a ‘Talky table’. This lets people know you are open to meeting new people. 
  • Money tight? No problem, you can still have food with your booze. Bring your own food or order a takeaway to be delivered to the bar.
  • Are you trying to cut back on alcohol, driving or teetotal? Don’t feel left out - we have a drinks list offering a good non-alcoholic selection of drinks. 
  • People will be encouraged to dress in 1920’s clothes on a Friday and Saturday evening which will be ticketed 1920’s events - Vintage Evenings!
  • Live jazz music – get your jazz hands ready!
  • Fun casino – Blackjack and Poker, played with fake money.

Your money will help me get started This is what it will buy:

- A blackjack and poker table (and all the stuff that goes with it i.e. cards, high chairs, money chips, imitation paper money) 

- Recorded music.

- A sound system.

- A music license

- Board games. 

- Cocktail glasses.

- Cocktail making stuff. 

fridges, a bar (the mixologist has to have somewhere to create wonderful drinks)

Excited? Intrigued? Can’t wait to go to Amendment XVIII? Then kindly help make the idea happen and make a pledge! 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£55 or more

Tier 4

Cocktail/Mocktail masterclass for 2 people: 1 hour includes nibbles. Learn the essentials of cocktail making and learn how to make your favourite. One cocktail chosen by each person) . PRIOR BOOKING IS NECESSARY FOR TIE

£15 or more

Tier 1

One complimentary drink on any evening.

£25 or more

Tier 2

One person attend one event on Friday or Saturday and choose 1 drink from the bar list. PRIOR BOOKING IS NECESSARY FOR TIERS 2 - 7.

£50 or more

Tier 3

Two people attend one event on Friday or Saturday and each choose 1 drink from the bar list. PRIOR BOOKING IS NECESSARY FOR TIERS 2 - 7.

£100 or more

Tier 5

2 months of unlimited access for two people to attend party nights on a Friday or Saturday. PRIOR BOOKING IS NECESSARY FOR TIERS 2 - 7.

£150 or more

Tier 6

Access to 1 party night - 6 people maximum, no cocktail included. Can be used as a ‘work’s do’. Also a public ‘Thank You’ on the bar’s website and Facebook page (optional).

£245 or more

Tier 7

Hire the venue/or area in the venue (for smaller groups) on Tuesday or Wednesday evening. This will include Croupier and blackjack table. 1 Cocktail/Mocktail on arrival. Up to 35 people. Could be used as a ‘work’s do’. Also for this Tier you/your business will get a public ‘Thank You’ on the bar’s website and Facebook page (optional).

Let's make 'A Speakeasy Bar with a difference ...' happen