SOCIAL:coffee to make a difference to care leavers

SOCIAL:coffee to make a difference to care leavers

We would like to turn negative outcomes for young care leavers into positive destinations through supported employment & vocational training

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Social Coffee will provide supportive employment for care leavers, empowering them to identify and develop the workplace skills necessary to move onto further education or sustainable employment securing and maintaining positive destinations.

We would like to open our first coffee house to make this dream a reality and begin to challenge and make positive impact to the current outcomes for young care leavers.  

Many young care leavers leave education at the age of 16 with no clear path to further education or sustainable employment and sadly end up living on the welfare state. 

Social Coffee will offer a place were they can experiance employment while having the space to discover their potential and create pathways to further education or secure employment, all the while safe in the knowledge that the team at Social Coffee understand the additional difficulties that can arise in a care leavers life, having in most cases faced these challenges them selves.   

It's time to break down the barriers to further education and employment for some of Scotland's most needing young people.