Social Work Masters University Course

by Lisa D-B in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Social Work Masters University Course
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To fund a MSW (Masters of Social Work) Program Overseas Current Leeds Beckett University Student (Criminology BAH)

by Lisa D-B in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Money raised will be used to fund a Masters in Social Work program at an international university, upon completion of my current criminology degree. I intend to start in 2020 and believe that social work is one of the most valuable tools society has. 

Social workers look after children, adults and families, often specialising in a specific field.

There are  many aspects that fall under the umbrella of social work and here are a few:

  • supporting children
  • supporting families
  • adults with mental health related needs
  • adults with physical needs
  • children in care
  • young offenders
  • family difficulties
  • adoption and fostering

The importance of social work can be overlooked, but the value that this role offers to communities is vital  in ensuring people can receive the help they need, when they need it. Everyone should have the chance to reach their goals, their dreams and have the help and support they individually need to achieve this. 

****To help and change only one persons outlook can change the world.***

Funding such studies is challenging when also bringing up a family, but never giving up on your goals and reaching potential shouldn't be influenced by financial status. Unfortunately financial status can restrict or slow down efforts to achieve your goals so any help is massively appreciated. If you have any questions or require any updates please feel free to ask. Thanks Again :) 


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