Social Website for Gamers

by Jaimin Deslandes in Coventry, England, United Kingdom

Social Website for Gamers
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We at ASTRAEA Development are creating a new powerful platform for gamers to use.

by Jaimin Deslandes in Coventry, England, United Kingdom

We at ASTRAEA Development are creating a new powerful platform for gamers to use. On this website users will be able to meet, socialise, watch videos, be updated with  the latest news from their favourite games and the gaming industry plus more..
We are hoping to generate funding to create the website. We want this website to be smooth, modern and efficient for our users so they are able to enjoy its content. 

We are creating a website for gamers to meet and socialise. We are trying to create a Powerful Platform for Gamers to Receive News & Updates for their Favorite Games. Post Videos and Live Streams, socialise with Friends and Players Globally through Messaging and Audio Chat, Discover New Games and appreciate the lore through mediums such as Comics or stories. 
On this website you will be able to:
Make friends
Post videos of Gameplay to Showcase to the World.
Live Stream Content 
Watch Videos with Friends and Gamers Online
Create a following and follow your friends and players across the world.
Find new friends and players with the same interests
Message Players from Around the World
Audio Chat in Groups of Friends or Online Players
Subscribe to your Favorite Games and receive news and updates
Get Notification for your Favorite Games with the latest Updates, Patches, Events and Changes (including new characters and skins)
Notified on the Latest Gaming Events 
Blog with gamers across the world, creating your own pages and topics to discuss. 
Show Trophies & Achievements 
And more..



Website Qualities
Our website is a social platform for gamers to meet and make new friends with the same interests meaning you will be able to make new friends worldwide who have the same interests as you. 
You will be able to upload  and stream videos, creating your own following from the watchers you gain. 
Our platform will be a powerful news platform, informing gamers of the most recent titles available, news from their favourite games; such as updates, character releases, patches and events. 
By subscribing to your favorite games, you will be able to follow that game, receive the latest news, watch the latest videos, talk with other games across the world & be updated on latest events. 
Our platform wants users to appreciate the content of gaming allowing you to follow the Lore by reading game stories and comics.


(not the finished product)(not the finished product)

on our website you will be able to subscribe to your console platform, favourite games, users, teams, and friends updating you on activity from them. By subscribing you will be notified of important information regarding your sub such as updates, blogs, events, new uploads, monthly games, etc. 
Signing up to our website will allow you to link your gaming accounts, making you able to;
Add and play with users from around the world
Talk and message players and friends through text or audio
Link your gaming account to your videos and profile
show off your Trophies & Achievements

(Not the Final Product)(Not the Final Product)

We are looking to create a team system which allows players to form a group in which they can create a following for. You will be able to make a name for your team, giving you a strong following of fans. by creating a team you will be able to upload content such as blogs, videos, live streams, etc for your fans to follow. 
By creating a team you will be able to earn points and achievements by completing    in-game actions, and achievements from the website. You will be able to compete in your favourite games, giving you a ranking for new users to follow your team. 


We hope you enjoy the donation packs we provide and we hope you will enjoy our website when launched. 
We will be updating progression of the website as it develops...

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