Social Table-top Gaming for deprived students

by Tyler Wheeler in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Social Table-top Gaming for deprived students
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To allow students that cannot access the expensive world of table top gaming to develop their social problem solving skills for their future

by Tyler Wheeler in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

The money will help students that do not have access to the world of table top gaming due to the extreme prices that surround gaming. The idea is to offer them an opportunity that is not readily available to them. One student said they 'wanted to get better socially' and it is a sentiment that I share with them. 

The idea is to take the group to a board game expo and for them to experience the extremely useful social elements that board gaming can produce. I want them to know that consoles and phones, which can be very isolating, are not the only source of skill building and enjoyment.

I work in a school in a very deprived area and the parents do not have access to money to pay for these Euro style cooperative games that can build their skill sets. There is no money available in the school budget for this type of activity. It is very sad that students miss out on social equality.

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