Social Spaces - Seating for Gym Complex

Social Spaces campaign to crowdfund for seating arrangements for gym complex

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Social Spaces campaign to crowdfund for seating arrangements for gym complex

The university has shown support for students by funding the gym (nearly £10,000), now is the oppertunity for students to show their enthusiasm by crowdfunding the seating and enhance our reputation for best student experience.


Have you ever wondered what's so special about the benches? You can leave a lifetime memory by contributing towards the development of an institute. The seating arrangements would be in support of the gym which means that the tired students would get a chance to sit at the benches and relax. Students can also study on benches and can sit as a group.


About the project:

We are a group of 5, working to use the spaces of University of Surrey effectively. 90% of the students are satisfied with University of Surrey (University of Surrey, 2016). However, we can make this percentage even better with your help. Earlier this year a research was conducted and most of the students said that they would like to have some seating with the gym. The provisional location is near university library, which would be open 24/7 (7 days a week).

We are helping students with their passion and we expect everybody to help us with this cause. Anything which makes University of Surrey better, would definitely mean better student life. Here are some of the comments from the students:

"I am so excited to find out that we would soon have seating arrangement with the gym." (Padmika, final year BSc student)

"I have always loved working out and I hope this would remove the gap students have as it is difficult to communicate with the students. I am sure students would be able to sit at the benches near library and would have a nice time." (Yound, PhD student)