No film location? It's okay - just film locally!

by Nageela Yusuf in London, England, United Kingdom

No film location? It's okay - just film locally!


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Due to covid-19, we've seen a decrease in custom, and lost many of our film locations. We want to do more online, and launch an app...

by Nageela Yusuf in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

As videographers, we appreciate the skills brought by colleagues who work in storyboarding, scriptwriting, and acting.

With the additional financing, we'd like to build more tools into our online video editing platform, to support collaboration between small business owners wanting to make their own videos, and professionals in communication and presentation who can help them look great in front of the camera- and all of this would be done remotely. So it's great for lots of people working in the creative industries!

We used to produce video for clients on location before covid-19 and appreciate the challenges of being able to make cost effective promotional material even though the lockdown is easing. Social distancing can be hard, finding a location to film is still challenging, and having people to travel to a particular site is not always easy.

It would be easier for all concerned to work locally, use mobile devices to film promotional video, and edit with software that is simple to use, but gives professional-looking output video. That’s where we step in; we’re using our expertise in video production to build software to allow you to make your own videos with ease.

We focus on certain styles of videos as these are popular with our professional b2b target market: vlogs, formal presentations, DIY/demos, and interviews.  

We started building our online video editing panel in April, and have almost finished development. We need to raise a little finance to help complete and launch it. 

If you enjoy experimental video making on your mobile device and want to take the quality to the next level, or you run a small business and want to create content for your social media channels, please do consider supporting our Crowd Funder campaign. 

Everyone contributing to our campaign will get free tickets to make awesome video projects on our platform when it is launched in Sept :-)


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