Investment Opportunities Survey

At Crowdfunder we have partnered with with Triodos Bank, Europe’s leading sustainable bank. As part of this pilot scheme, we would appreciate your time to answer the following quick questions about potential investment opportunities.

What were the main reasons for your pledges to projects on Crowdfunder?

If you were to make a long term investment in a charity or social enterprise, would this be because...

Would you be interested in making a long term investment in a charity or social enterprise in return for an annual interest payment of around 2 or 3%?

Would you be interested in finding out more about investment opportunities *

If Yes, please reconfirm your email address.

The data we collect will only be used to measure and understand motivations for large pledge supporters and whether there is interest in Investment opportunities. This data will only be shared with Crowdfunder and Triodos Bank for analysis reporting purposes. There is an option for further contact by both companies if an individual chooses to be contacted.

Please see their privacy policies.