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by Social Flock in Perth, Scotland, United Kingdom

Social Flock Perth


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Provide high standard new and pre-loved clothing to families to ensure every child has suitable clothing for every weather.

by Social Flock in Perth, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

All the extra funding will go towards fulfilling all of our Winter Warmer pack applications, and then be invested in future Social Flock free clothing projects. 

Our Winter Warmer Packs will include up to 10 items which will ensure all children have the clothing and outdoor wear they need to stay warm and dry throughout the Scottish winter. 

Applications are open to families across Perth, for young people from birth to the age of 18. We are working in collaboration with Perth and Kinross Foodbank and we will be sending our application forms to other community partners, schools and nurseries to distribute. You can also request an application through our social media platforms. Applications are open to anyone who would benefit from these packs, and we do not require applicants to prove their need.  

By providing these packs for free we want to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on young people and families. Many families have been financially hit by the global pandemic, with higher numbers of children and young people living in poverty and families finding it difficult to make ends meet. We know these packs will have a positive impact on families financially and will support the emotional and mental well-being of children by keeping them in clothing that makes them feel proud, independent and at their best. 

Families can select what they need from the following items: waterproof jacket, rain suit, pyjamas or onesie, bed socks, dressing gown, slippers, wellies, hat, scarf, gloves. These items will be provided in the correct size and design preferences for each young person. 

We are aiming to supply as many packs as possible. Our current £300 target will allow us to buy supplies for 15 Winter Warmer Packs, offer delivery to families who cannot collect their packs, and keep our project COVID-19 secure. 

More about Social Flock

We are a small community orientated group working towards guaranteeing that every child in Perth has clothing that meets all of their needs whilst simultaneously helping families to reduce their carbon footprint by ensuring clothing is used fully, and by supporting them to pay it forward to other families.

We believe that clothing is a form of self-expression, one which allows young people to present who they are to the world. We know how important clothing can be socially and personally to teenagers, young people and children alike. We also know how much it costs to dress children. Children who grow faster than the speed of light and barely wear their newest clothes before they need to be bought new items. Young people who wear their uniforms out before the end of term, just by enjoying their break times. Teenagers who feel the weight of climate change as much as they feel the weight of their image.

Social Flock endeavours to remove the financial and environmental burden on parents making it easy to ensure their family have the clothing they need to feel the very best version of themselves.

Our goals 

Support Families
 We will never ask anyone to prove or explain their need, if you come to us asking for clothing support you will receive it without judgement. We will aim to support as many families as possible through sustainable and effective projects.

 Clothing is a way to express yourself, which is so important for children and young people’s sense of self. We believe all clothing and colours are for everyone and should not be gendered. All our clothing projects will aim to meet the needs of the individual/family to create a safe space for all.

Being Eco-friendly
 Fast fashion is one of the big contributors to climate change. We want to make life easier for parents to meet their children’s needs whilst being more environmentally friendly. By reusing clothes we reduce our impact on the planet and we want to break down the perceived stigma of reusing clothing.

It takes a Village
 While our projects are charitable in nature our aim is to build a community based in support and understanding. We aim to partner with local charities, schools, businesses and families, building clothing support networks throughout Perthshire and reaching as many people as possible.

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