Social Enterprise Coronavirus Support Norfolk

by Heidi Fisher in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

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Help support social enterprises working with the most vulnerable people in Norfolk so they get through the coronavirus crisis

by Heidi Fisher in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

Who we are

Make an Impact CIC is a social enterprise that supports other social enterprises, so they can deliver the support that's needed by the most vulnerable groups in society.  Make an Impact CIC was set up by Heidi Fisher who grew up and lives in Norfolk.

The coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus has hit all businesses hard, but it has hit charities and social enterprises harder as they work with the most vulnerable groups in society, and are seeing increased demand for support right now - and are struggling to deliver that due to the restrictions that are currently in place.  They'll also need to cope with the additional demand for their support once the crisis is over as more people face stress and worry, financial uncertainty and poverty. 

The Plan

The plan is to raise money to support social enterprises that work with the most vulnerable groups across Norfolk.  We know a lot of funding is being focused on the elderly so this funding is focused on supporting social enterprises that work with other vulnerable groups.

Any funds raised will be allocated to local organisations (through a simple application process) across Norfolk who are supporting the following groups of people:

  • Children and young people with mental health issues or educational needs
  • Adults with mental health issues or educational needs
  • Parents or carers, and young carers
  • Victims of domestic abuse or other crimes
  • Young people in care
  • Families with low incomes experiencing poverty in any form
  • Long term unemployed
  • People with long term health conditions
  • Individuals at risk of social isolation due to the coronavirus
  • Homeless people
  • Ex-offenders

Depending on the amount raised priority will be given to social enterprises working to:

1. Support the mental health and well-being, or

2. Reduce the impact of social isolation, or

3. Combat financial hardship

of the vulnerable groups identified above.

If funds allow, then it will be allocated to social enterprises who are seeing additional demand from the vulnerable groups identified above for their services.

The Ask

We want to raise at least £100,000 - as quickly as possible - so people get the help they deserve, so their circumstances don't get worse.

We're asking individuals, businesses, local authority departments and public sector bodies to contribute to this in order to enable vulnerable people in communities across Norfolk to receive the support they need now. 

The more money we raise the more vulnerable people we can support.

Your donation will make a huge difference.  Thank you.

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