Social Canteen In London

by Rebeka in Wembley, England, United Kingdom

Social Canteen In London
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I am raising funds to open a social canteen in London.

by Rebeka in Wembley, England, United Kingdom

I have a dream. A warm meal for those who can’t afford it. And there are plenty, believe it or not. 

  I use to get up early morning to buy hot soups and freshly made pastries so I can give to those who spent their nights on the streets. 

 Now, I want to make something more for them. 

A place where homeless people can come three times a day to have a delicious meal, cooked with care and respect. 

As if they would have paid for it. 

This social canteen, would be a place where not only homeless people can come along, but every other person at extra cost. 

 In other words if you have money you pay if you don’t have you don’t pay. 

Seems unfair I know. But who decides what’s fair ? 

I want to see rich and poor sitting at the same table togheter. 

I am tired of seeing people treated according to their pocket size. 

The way I see it , this is justice, this is fair, this is normal. 

On long term this would only be sustainable with the help of donations from people,’various organisations,  donations from supermarkets, and stores . 

But I believe all this is possible. Why ? 

   Because I’ve seen it, with my eyes happening  abroad, I also participated in preparing meals and yes I’ve been at the table with all sorts of people. And the joy was immense. 

Any donation of any amount it is highly appreciated. 

Larger donations (£50 or more) will receive a special thank you and will be mentioned as people who helped to set up the foundation/basis  of this woundeful project. 

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