Soccer Scholar Academy

To deliver outreach girls' and boy's football coaching initiatives in schools and hard to reach communities across Portsmouth.

We did it!

On 15th Mar 2017 we successfully raised £6,000 of £6,000 target with 12 supporters in 49 days

Our Story

The Soccer Scholar Academy is an innovative training scheme that aims to include more of the young community in playing and coaching football in Portsmouth.

We aim to boost social inclusion and engage more young people from areas of deprivation in positive activities.

We believe not only that every child should have an equal opportunity to enjoy the beautiful game, but also to develop their skills to their fullest potential. This is why we have been working since 2011 to get more children playing football and provide them with professional tuition.

We have already moved fourteen players into professional club settings - just last year. With your support we can continue to do so and reach more young people than ever before!

What is the Soccer Scholar Academy?

The SSA is a not-for-profit social enterprise offering a football performance pathway and coaching development pathway for the people of Portsmouth and the surrounding area.

We are part of the Portsmouth Football Pathway - (The PFC pathway develops players, careers and academic opportunities from ages 2-22).

We are also partnered with the FA and The University of Portsmouth’s Football Hub - (check it out here - Through our hard work along with that of the wider community we have moved 14 SSA players into a professional club settings just last year.

Our full list of programmes can be viewed at:  &

Our project

Football is the world’s largest sport largely thanks to its generally high level of accessibility. However, it remains that far too many children – particularly from less privileged areas- do not have the ability to develop their skills in a professional environment.

This is particularly prevalent in Portsmouth: the second most densely populated city in the UK with an average life expectancy six years lower than that of the national average. In Portsmouth, 25.2% children live in poverty and life expectancy is considerably lower in deprived wards, than in more affluent ones.

A similar issue applies to the imbalance of girls and boys playing football. This is why we want to expand our program not just geographically, but also in terms of the sexes.

For 2017 we have the following aims:

  • Expand our reach into the hardest to reach areas of Portsmouth in order to signpost players into existing provision
  • Develop a comprehensive pathway for female footballers
  • Offer additional qualifications and paid coaching opportunities to the young people of Portsmouth
  • Foster academic and employment aspiration through community inclusion

Our goals

The SSA is seeking £6000 in order that we can roll out the following three new strands:

  1. Community Sessions - Engaging an additional 200 children through weekly community outreach sessions. 
  2. Girls' Football Initiative - Engage with 50 girls through new 'Girls Only' sessions.
  3. Sustainability Officer - Support a role that signposts and supports players transitioning into existing provision.

Community benefits

  • The development of core skills such as teamwork, communication and motivation.
  • Social cohesion - bringing communities together in a city of disparity
  • Development of aspiration through the football pathway
  • Allowing players to reach the best level their ambition, desires and ability allows.
  • Sustainability - players move into existing provision
  • Health benefits - tackles significant health issues for the city
  • Engaging with parents at sessions to address health and social cohesion issues
  • More paid employment opportunities through coaching
  • A better pathway through academia

So please donate now! Together we can create real social change through the power of ideas and empower the next generation in Portsmouth.

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