Soldiers Of Core 3rd Birthday @ GIS6: Evolution

Soldiers Of Core 3rd Birthday @ GIS6: Evolution

We've been given the honour of hosting the hardcore at GIS in On May 11th 2018! But we need your help!

We did it!

On 31st Jan 2018 we successfully raised £970 with 14 supporters in 56 days

We're asking for your pledges to help us bring you best line up possible for the money we make! What does you pledge give you? Well,the choice of a line up of course. We were just going to put our own line up out there, but we thought it wouild be better to keep in line with the theme of the event and let you choose ALL headliners. 


Pledges will be taken on 31st January so there's no worries on money issues over the next couple of months.

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