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Sober Social Savvy Spenders Newsletter

by Callum Dixon in Doncaster, England, United Kingdom

Sober Social Savvy Spenders Newsletter
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We want to help the people of Doncaster to be more financially capable and emotionally resilient through a variety of mediums

by Callum Dixon in Doncaster, England, United Kingdom

Doncaster Alcohol Services has been at the heart of Doncaster for over 35 years, helping people with some of the most complex issues in their lives.

In the last year we have completely re-started, listening to the people who need us most to build a new brand and identity.

With this we have heard a lot more about what the people of Doncaster need. We are a team of 7 staff, 15 volunteers and hundreds of beneficiaries, all completely committed to helping people make effective choices in their lives and to overcome the barriers that stop them achieving their goal.

With this project we want to work as a big team of staff, volunteers and beneficiaries to help solve one of the biggest problems in Doncaster - financial exclusion and a lack of financial education.

With this project funding we would seek to set up the Sober Social Savvy Spenders Society.

This society would be a collection of people from Doncaster who work together on a number of mediums including a newsletter, events, training and peer support volunteering to help the local community to become more Savvy Spenders.

This funding would enable us to produce 26 newsletters over a year, each pulling together information about top tips on better spending, local bargains and deals, other services and events going on in Doncaster - all with the aim of helping better connect people with financial education.

It would also enable us to run peer support training sessions to teach other people to be Super Savvy Spenders who can go on to share that knowledge with their peers in their local community, thus enhancing our reach.

All of this will enable us to help the most vulnerable people to make effective choices about how they use their money and take them away from the deprivation and isolation that can be rife in Doncaster. 

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