Sober Fest UK 2020

by Sober Fest UK in Willey, England, United Kingdom

Sober Fest UK 2020
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Sober Fest UK 2020 provides those who choose sobriety as a lifestyle choice, the sober curious & those in recovery with

by Sober Fest UK in Willey, England, United Kingdom

**Please note: This is an over 16's only event and & the festival adopts a strict entry policy** 

Our Vision.

We are a small, independent music and spirituality based festival - with a BIG vision.

The vision is to create a sober festival that creates a safe space for all that attend. We want to change the widely held perception in society that Sober + Festival are some sort of contradiction and just don't mix. We want to prove the doubters wrong and with your help we will certainly do so.

We welcome anyone who chooses sobriety as a life style choice, from necessity or otherwise. From the sober curious to those in recovery or with other mental health issues. We want the opportunity to bring everyone together under the "sobriety" banner and prove that one can be sober and have an amazing week-end. 

Highlighting the very important issue of mental health in our society today, is a key objective for the festival. Whilst the festival has a strong association with addiction and recovery. We  openly want to encourage those people who have any form of mental health issue to join us. Whether it is  depression, anxiety, psychotic disorders or anything else we want everybody to  equally feel at home at the Sober Fest UK 2020. 

So Why Crowdfunding?  

Crowdfunding is the only way we can foresee the guaranteed success of the Sober Fest UK in 2020. Without a significant amount of cash to invest from the outset and with no other forms of outside funding. It will be almost impossible to invest in the necessary infrastructure to bring the sober festival project to life. 

SO, WE BASICALLY CAN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU! We therefore ask you to please pledge your support by buying a ticket to come join us at the Sober Fest UK next summer... Together we can make it happen and it will be AMAZING!

About The Sober Fest UK 2020 .

Our Sober Festival is not a "one size fits all" music & spiritual week-end event. We want to be as diverse as possible whilst retaining the small, intimate festival feel.  

So whatever you are into we are almost sure that there will be something from you. 


Live DJ Sets (playing uplifting, emotional and euphoric dance music from old skool classics to world music)  

Workshops: 12 steps / Addiction, Mental Health, Personal Development, Poetry

Dance Sessions: 5Rhythms, Euphoric Sober Wave, Ecstatic Dance.

Wellness Sessions:  Yoga, Meditation etc. 


Parking (free for two or more people in a vehicle)

More to be announced soon................

Naturally, the festival has no association with alcohol or drugs or being surrounded by those who do. As well as being a substance free event, we believe strongly that the inclusion of vegetarian / vegan food and how it fits the ethos of our festival. As a result, there are no meat products allowed at our festival.  PLEASE NOTE: The festival event field is attached to a working farm that has livestock.

As we are strong believers in creating a real community spirit. Therefore the maximum number of tickets available for sale will be 500 and only with your help do we envisage getting anywhere near this figure. This is in order to make our festival a truly intimate and unforgettable experience for all who attend. 

What Makes The Sober Fest UK 2020 So Special?

We take measures to be as inclusive as possible and to give all who attend our sober fest a real feeling of togetherness. Let’s face it. Most of us have been to large festivals up and down the country and one can often get a feeling of being overwhelmed. This can be down to many factors, with one being the sheer number of festival goers attending. Many of us feel that despite being surrounded by so many people we are still in our own little bubble. We often pass each other, like ships in the night! The Sober Fest UK 2020 gives you an opportunity to make new friends and share your love of everything spiritual with them through dance and sobriety. 

Our sober festival will have a number of spiritual providers attending including Alternative Therapies, Healers, Mediums, Card Readers etc. In addition we shall be holding workshops covering a number of topics including Mental Health, Addiction etc etc.


Date: Friday 29th May - Sunday 31st May 2020. 

Where: Willey, located In the beautiful county of Warwickshire, the home of William Shakespeare. CV23 0SL

PLEASE NOTE: We have a responsibility for the wellbeing of every person who passes through our festival gates. As a result every person who attends must have completed an application form and provided suitable ID prior to the start of the festival. 

You have heard it said before and it is certainly true at our Sober Fest 2020 “Arrive as a stranger and leave as a friend."

Much love and respect from all at Sober Fest UK 2020


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£128 or more

FRIEND OF THE FESTIVAL (EARLY BIRD TICKET) By showing your support for the Sober Fest UK 2020 and purchasing an early bird ticket. Your 3 day ticket includes FREE camping & parking (for two or more persons ) plus 25% discount on all tickets purchased for future festivals. Plus your name will be published on our website in the ‘Friends of the Festival’ hall of fame.

£20 or more

£20 or more

Your name published on our website in the ‘Friends of the Festival’ hall of fame.

£220 or more

EARLY BIRD TICKETS (Fri - Sun) x 2 £220

£200 or more EARLY BIRD TICKETS (Thurs - Sun) x 2 ***SAVE over £35 on a pair of 3 day festival tickets!*** FREE camping included.

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