100% Natural Organic Skincare No SLS or Parabens

100% Natural Organic Skincare No SLS or Parabens

We are looking to expand and get certified by fairtrade, cruelty free, ecocert among others. While using crowdfunding as alternative to ads

We did it!

On 10th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Soapynut.com is a new family owned british handmade natural skincare, soap and cosmetics manufacturer and retailer. Our products are all natural, free from SLS or Parabens and are never tested on animals. Our ingredients are ethically sourced, and we try to be inventive and inovative with our packaging in order to reduce our environmental footprint (although at times some packaging materials are difficult to avoid).

We are looking to expand, gain accreditation, and market our products directly to the interested public. We have tried using paid ads and find that the big cosmetic companies have priced smaller companies like us out of this method. Every click on google costs us £3! Being new and dynamic, we thought we should try crowdfunding. Advertising our products direct to the public, and being able to offer discounts to our customers with the money saved by not paying google. Win for us, and a win for our customers who can now get even better offers on our luxury handmade natural products.

We hope you agree with our new strategy. We are not looking for free money, every pound paid through our crowdfunding campain will be credited as a voucher on our webstore plus an additional 30% as a thank you!

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