SO IT GOES... help launch a theatre company

SO IT GOES... help launch a theatre company

So It Goes... will launch with a public performance of DOMESTIC, a play about a policeman who spies on an activist by pretending to love her

We did it!

On 3rd Jan 2017 we successfully raised £3,004 of £1,000 target with 45 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Any extra money raised will be used to fund the future of our theatre company.  We want to take DOMESTIC to the Edinburgh Fringe and for that we will need to fundraise (a Lot).  We also want to perform DOMESTIC in more political and public spaces across the UK because it is so important that we have a public conversation about surveillance and the snoopers' charter, so please continue to support and give us your money!


We live in a time of unprecedented change that brings daily cultural and political disruption.  Theatre too can be a form of disruption but only when it slams against the political and cultural context and erupts into real life.

DOMESTIC is the story of the snoopers' charter. 

It is the story of a policeman's seduction of an activist.  

Is the state allowed to go into your home, violate you intimately and then betray the information that has been uncovered?  With the snoopers' charter there are no limits to the state's invasion into our private lives.  

The story is based on true events: police have infiltrated UK activist groups, had relationships with activists and been discovered as police spies. This tactic of infiltration was supported by the UK’s National Public Order Intelligence Unit and led to many protest groups being infiltrated between 2003 and 2010. In November 2010 this unit was rebranded as the National Domestic Extremism Unit and we do not know whether infiltrating groups through initiating sexual and romantic relationships is still encouraged.

Our first performance of DOMESTIC will happen in public and will have a political impact.  We choose our audience by taking our theatre piece to them.  We tread the line between performance and protest.  We need your support to make sure that those with power are given  space to watch our performance and to empathise with the victims of state surveillance



The play begins in an East London squat party where Cal (the policeman) makes first contact with Mia (the activist). Over the course of the play Cal isolates Mia from her activist community and manipulates her so that she betrays her friends. He establishes almost total power over her before, finally, she begins to question his identity and fight back.

‘Domestic extremist’ is the name given by the UK police to individuals or groups that carry out criminal acts of direct action if furtherance of a campaign.  Under the snooper's charter the government has the power to treat us all as 'domestic extremists'. 


We are a new theatre company. We are currently four theatre-makers who met in Berlin.  We want to be a theatre company that produces theatre that can happen anywhere - that creates space for diverse audiences to be troubled by contemporary politics and culture, to connect with those who this system hurts and to figure out where they stand and who they will stand up for. 

One of our members is very active in environmental activist networks. She wrote a play about police surveillance and its impact. We have been rehearsing that play and with your help we will produce its first staged performance.  Our performance will disrupt a public space and bear witness to the abuses of political power.  

As individuals we have diverse experience. One of our members has invaded airport runways – to stop private jets taking off and to perform a version of Britney Spears’s TOXIC. Another of our members is a jobbing actor with 20 years film and television experience who has a law degree, is now completing a Masters and regularly volunteers for legal charities. Another is an Oscar nominated screenplay writer. We are brought together because we want to live in a more thoughtful and kinder world.


So far with passion and committment alone we have written the play, workshopped the play and rehearsed the play.  We are a team of theatre makers who are putting all our love and effort into this project.  However we still need to hold more rehearsals and we need to gather the Company in London ahead of our first public performance.  

This is our first crowdfunder and will will use the money to make our first performance happen, however we will definitely be using this platform again to fund our future plans so please ---- expect to hear from us again, cap in hand, soon :) 

With your support we will hire rehearsal space and hold a week of rehearsals.  We will pay for transport and the Company's living expences for the week preceding our first public performance.  We will source costumes and hire cameras so that we can document our first performance.  We will pay professionals to film and edit the footage of our first performance. Once we have a film of the first performance we will use this to continue to provoke the public conversation around surveillance and the snooper's charter.  It is unlikely that there will be any money left over but if there is we will use it to produce future performances of DOMESTIC. 

This is the beginning of the journey for So It Goes...  We really hope you will join us because with your support the future is truly limitless.  Please like us on facebook and please, do not forget, every little counts!

It really does. Do not forget to share So It Goes... on your Facebook, and other social media. 

We need all the support you can give!  

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