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Snowland Mental Wellbeing Life Lessons

by Snowland Journeys in London, England, United Kingdom


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Improve mental health and resilience of young people in the UK using experience gained in Nepal with youth with impressive coping strategies

by Snowland Journeys in London, England, United Kingdom

Who are we?

Snowland Journeys 

Snowland Journeys is a non-profit organisation which provides educational experiences and mental health support for young people in the UK. 

Snowland Journeys began as an organisation which enables Himalayan children to maintain contact with their families, alongside their right to education, and to develop livelihoods for their mountain communities.  We saw the tremendously positive impact we were having on young people in the UK following the release of our film about this subject, ‘Children of the Snow Land’.  We have developed a pack to accompany this award-winning feature documentary film that features the lives of young Nepalese people, their families and their communities, and have built a team to deliver educational experiences to young people in the UK.    

As the Covid – 19 pandemic unfolded we saw that certain challenges faced by students in Nepal regarding isolation and separation from their loved ones are now relevant globally and that their resilience, courage and character coping strategies could inspire others. In response, we expanded our educational experiences to offer mental health support for young people in the UK. 

Our Patron is Joanna Lumley.

Our website:  


What are we trying to do? Our new Project

Mental Health and Wellbeing of young people matter to us.

We want to deliver our new inspiring ‘Life Lessons’ project to young people from some of the most socioeconomically deprived areas of London and the South East. 

The creation of these Life Lessons was inspired by the Young People Mental Health crisis unfolding in the UK worsened by Covid –19.  Snowland Journeys developed these new ‘Life Lessons’ in response to Covid – 19 by adapting our previous UK curriculum resources and working with teachers to create a wellbeing pack for young people in the UK to improve their mental wellbeing. 

What are Snowland Mental Wellbeing Life Lessons?

The Snowland Mental Wellbeing Life Lessons consist of three one hour sessions that offer inspiring personal and social development focusing on the elements of resilience (self-confidence, adaptability, purpose and social connection) which in turn supports increased wellbeing. 


How are they delivered?

Our ‘Life Lessons’ are designed to be delivered remotely or face to face in a variety of community settings – community centres/youth clubs or directly to homes.

These ‘lessons’ are designed to be delivered easily and simply by community leaders/volunteers. We offer support and training directly to the community settings to ensure they have the confidence to deliver and ensure the brightest outcomes for their young people. The lessons create a unique experience for all involved and support and inspire international mindedness. 

Where are they delivered?

We want to deliver these life lessons to young people through community settings across Lambeth, Southwark, Tower Hamlets and Lewisham in the first instance. With enough funding we will be able to offer these life enhancing experiences further afield.

How many young people will benefit?

This funding will make it possible for us to provide these resources directly into communities rather than through a school setting. We will be able to offer the resource for free to approximately 30 settings across Inner London. 

We anticipate this will support improved wellbeing to over 1,500 young people.


Why do we want to do this?

Covid has accelerated a crisis in mental health for young people particularly from socioeconomically deprived backgrounds.

(Source: BMJ 2021 ). 

We want to be able to help young people in the UK as well as in Nepal. The lessons were inspired by the resilience and impressive coping strategies of the young people our work in Nepal supports. These Nepalese Children are often sent away by their parents when they are just 4 years old, to school in the capital city of Kathmandu, in the hope that education will give them a better chance in life.  For 12 years they live and study at school, receiving a free education, but cannot see or speak to their parents, due to the remoteness of their villages.

The patience, hope, courage, resilience and character these young people demonstrate is relevant and inspiring for young people in the UK and worldwide, as is their determination to make the most of their education and the world they can access, no matter how limited that may be.

The stories of the children and young people in the film teach incredible perspective, hope and heart: the three young protagonists in the film have spent their lives from age 4 until age 16 living and studying inside the Snowland School grounds, without contact with their families.

However they have emerged as 16 year old teenagers with all the qualities and strength we all need: patience and gratitude for the life they have, and determination to make the most of the education for which they have made such a sacrifice.

Why we need your help?

So now you know who we are, what we do and what we are offering the young people and community settings in Inner London, this is where we'd like to ask for your help.

We promise that the community settings who will host will not pay one penny towards our life lessons.  We estimate that it will cost £100 per pack to deliver our lesson plans into a deliverable pack, including teacher training and so with £3,000, we will be able to offer these resources free to 30 community settings and in doing so improve the wellbeing and resilience of over 1,500 children (if 50 per setting).

We hope, with your help, this is just the start. 

We’d love to stretch the lessons offer to a half day and full day programmes and even to eventually offer residentials in the future and to spread the offer across the UK! 

We like to reach for the stars! 

Thanks for reading. For more information you can visit our website 


Young people in Nepal inspiring young people in the UK...



Snowland Journeys' Theory of Change....


This is our film, Children of the Snow Land, which started this journey and sparked Snowland Journeys work in both the UK and Nepal...

We will share a private link to view the film and a message from the directors and Snowland Journeys team with everyone who supports this project with £10 or more...




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