Wild camping and climbing Snowdon for PAPYRUS

Wild camping and climbing Snowdon for PAPYRUS


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Matthew Wade posted an update on 22nd August 2020

Look what arrived today in the post...

Thank you PAPYRUS for the T-shirts, bands and bottles today. We can't wait to use them!


Matthew Wade posted an update on 30th August 2020

We have nearly hit our goal! What next?

Hi everyone, Matt here. 

We have nearly hit our target of £500, which is awesome! Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, we all appreciate it. Once we hit our target, i'm hoping that people will still be able to donate (fingers crossed that I set it up correctly). The more money we raise, the more we can help PAPYRUS do their amazing work. So with that said, if you were planning to donate, please still do!

Matthew Wade posted an update on 18th September 2020

Today is the day!

Today me and Jake will be travelling up to Beddgelert to camp for the night.  There are no toilets or power sockets, just sheep and cows. We can't wait to finally do this!

We will try to keep you as updated as possible,  but obviously that depends on what WiFi we can get up there!

Matthew Wade posted an update on 21st September 2020

We did it!

On Friday night we camped in Beddgelert before climbing Snowdon on the Saturday.  It was an amazing experience and one that I'll never forget.  Thank you to everyone that has donated and made this worthwhile. 


In September, Jake and myself (Matt) will be wild camping in the welsh mountains for the night before attempting to climb Snowdon via the challenging Watkins Path, whilst raising money for young suicide prevention charity PAPYRUS.


We are doing this to raise money for PAPYRUS, a UK charity that aims to create a society that speaks openly about suicide and has the resources to help young people who may have suicidal thoughts. PAPYRUS exists because far to many young people are losing their lives to suicide; we must as individuals, families and communities shatter the stigma around suicide. PAPYRUS run a helpline for young people struggling with thoughts of suicide, whilst equipping communities with the suicide prevention tools they need, and also influence national social policy.

Recent surveys show depression has doubled during lock-down, especially in younger people. 

Your donations will go straight to PAPYRUS and will be used for life saving work here in the UK. However, breaking the stigma on suicide is really important, so whether you can donate or not, please do some research into mental health and how you can help yourself and others.

You can read more about PAPYRUS by clicking here 1597859701_banner_6x2ft_png.png


We will be wild camping for one night at the base of Snowdon not far from Beddgelert (Don't worry, we have permission from the land owner!). The following morning we will set off up the mountain via the stunning yet challenging Watkins Path. Starting off in ancient woodland before passing many beautiful waterfalls, the path then turns into a difficult scree climb to the top. Whilst not being the hardest way to get to the summit, it is definitely one of them! Below are a few pictures of the Watkins path.


Ancient woodland near the start of the walk.1597859794_118159173_323501545736018_4456065826996062093_n.jpg

The path as it begins to get steeper.1597860918_118208135_341646640205566_3297365409106514601_n.jpg

Into the clouds!1597860957_118208883_591132234860293_2619403652975303165_n.jpg

The hardest part of the climb, as the path runs out... (Thank you Phil for the pictures!)

We are hoping to do this on the 19th of September, but this date is flexible due to the Weather and Corona-virus. If travelling to Wales becomes unsafe, we will keep you fully updated on our plans and changes.

Please consider donating as this is a cause close to our hearts. Together we can help prevent suicide and support those effected by it. Thank you.


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Well done :) smash it!

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This is a great thing your doing! Glad to help.

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