Snapchat Remove

Snapchat Remove

Snapchat Image Editing, needs funding for Image Editing Software (Photoshop), Website Hosting & Advertising

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Snapchat Remove is an individual taking people's snapchat images that they send in via the Snapchat Remove Facebook page & editing them to peoples preferences (e.g. removing timers, unwanted text/drawings, etc.)

We currently do our service for free while we grow, but by doing that money that I do not have is being put into the project for advertising and website hosting (which I have had to temporarily close down due to lack of funds).

We plan in the future, once we have gained enough customer to start charging £0.50 - £1.00 for edits, but due to our small company we would not get enough customers for keep the project going.

Please donate to our services, every donation comes with a reward!