Snact Crowdfunder Live

Developing creative solutions to food waste and food poverty

We did it!

On 15th Sep 2014 we successfully raised £535 of £500 target with 48 supporters in 4 days

We're back! If you're a regular Crowdfunder visitor, you may have seen our crowdfunding campaign in May where we successfully raised over £13,000 from 278 backers, thanks again! If you weren't around then (or just want a quick reminder), let's recap:

Every day huge amounts of food get wasted unnecessarily. We address that by using some of this perfectly good and edible food to make great snacts. Our first product is fruit jerky, 100% fruit (a blend that is dried), with no additives or preservatives. We want to draw attention to the issue of food waste, an injustice when so many people have to rely on food banks to feed themselves. That's why we're going to create employment opportunities for people who are affected by food poverty, giving them the opportunity to earn extra income, by selling Snact products and keeping the margins that would usually go to retailers and distributors.


What this means to us?

When Crowdfunder reached out to us over the summer asking if we'd like to be part of their pilot Crowdfunder Live event, we jumped in!

Our first crowdfunding campaign was a lot of fun, the most enjoyable part being the interaction we got with all our backers and new supporters. This campaign is slightly different though, it's competition against other projects. And to win something big - the endorsement of big foodie UK players.

We're excited to be part of this with Atlantic Kitchen and Cornish Ketchup. Maybe during the event we can wrap our fruit jerky in some seaweed and dunk it into ketchup? On second thought, maybe not. 

What do you get?

This time around: we've only got one reward and that's three tasty snacts for a fiver!


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