Smyth & Barnes Development

Smyth & Barnes Development

Are you willing to help a growing online store reach the high street and provide jobs and talent to the community. If so please donate.

We did it!

On 1st Jan 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Providing opportunities to skilled artists who want to use their talent in design and fashion.

Smyth & Barnes Outfitters is a growing online store for the discerning gentleman. We source experienced manufactures who work with high end label providers. Gain access to their skills, cloths and designs then transform the items into a desired brand that people want to promote. 

We are expanding and are looking to provide the unique label to the highstreet shopper who wish to enjoy the select brand and quality of our items. This will enable us to take on more staff, models and designers to create a larger environemnt of growing fashionistas who will help build the brand. We are London based and wish to launch a store within central London making it  accessible to clients and tourists who seek quicker access to a unique label.

International vistors can follow the traditional English brand with Italian designs turn into a leading product that will enable you to set the trend. 

If you are interested in promoting small companies and would like to work with us, we are seeking support to aim for further creativity and ambition.

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