SMW Brice Midwifery Elective to Tanzania

SMW Brice Midwifery Elective to Tanzania

In February 2018, I am travelling to Tanzania to experience how maternity services are facilitated in a low resource setting.

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In February 2018, I will travel to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania through an experienced elective placement company, Work the World.  


Here I will experience how maternity services are facilitated in a developing country, where conditions are very different from our westernised world. This unique opportunity will further inform my future midwifery practice and enhance my chosen career.

  • Every year, for every 100,000 births, 390 women die as a result of women not being able to access a skilled birth attendant or by not accessing basic maternity care. Women face unimaginable difficulties to simply give birth in the presence of a trained birth attendant however, hospitals in Tanzania are lacking both in skilled birth workers and basic medical and clinical supplies.


Embarking on an elective placement in Tanzania will enable me to gain a wider understanding of the challenges women face that prevent them from accessing maternity care, what information is provided when it is accessed and how obstetric emergencies are managed by the multidisciplinary team, in an area with limited resources.

Training in Bradford has equipped me with a unique insight both into the barriers and successful interventions that forms the basis of its maternity care. A high rate of deprivation and lack of appropriate education has been identified as a causal factor to influence uptake of maternity services in some areas of Bradford, which can have a direct impact on maternal and fetal wellbeing. 


The money raised will be paying for:

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Accommodation, airfares, programme fees and entry visa. 

Rest assured, your money will be spent wisely! 

I will be taking personal spending money and any social or leisure activities will be paid for by myself.99bf411ae4718d1a76dd2af0c6854d36922c14826e5208588ca45a135843d4823f653de9c1559e2343555a9be388d1e58bdf531163885d68f96b9b31


This elective placement will be highly beneficial and influential towards my future practice. I am proud to have trained in an environment that promotes diversity, multi-ethnicity and different cultures and as a result, have learned to be sensitive, respectful and open minded towards every situation I approach.

I am extremely privileged and excited to experience such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and will greatly appreciate any contributions you may be able to spare to help me achieve my goal.



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