#SMTHELSE- For A Change

by #SMTHELSE - FOR A CHANGE in Ilford, England, United Kingdom

#SMTHELSE- For A Change


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This project will provide London’s artists with a platform to express their art and with tools to coach the local community for a change.

by #SMTHELSE - FOR A CHANGE in Ilford, England, United Kingdom

In order to present myself, I am a very ambitious, energetic, passionate and dedicated director of a small company that not only organises events in London but, also focuses on the music industry development through supporting the local artists.

London’s minimal music scenery it’s ready for a different approach New artists, new people and new vibes. Be Unique. Choose Something Else.

To begin with, the main goal of this business is finding and nurturing  talent within London and providing them with tools and coaching support to allow them to flourish within their music production. The team consists of London based artists, audio engineers, sales and marketing and my admin support, who are the core of my business and have worked with me for a while.

Moreover, my business is located in East London -Canning Town, an area with a diverse and beautiful community with people from all backgrounds, which has been dramatically affected since the begging of Covid- 19. Crucially, my chosen venues where I was conducting the majority of my business activities in this area such as Star Lane Pizza Bar and different music studios which have been cancelled, so it has affected the growth of my business.

Having said that, with this opportunity that Pay It Forward London is offering to me and my team, I intend to improve all aspects of my business and to adhere though all safety government requirements. The aim is to provide both teaching and educational roles for the artists whilst continuing to provide an experience for my customers with the products and services that we sell which are our records in both digital ad vinyl format.

During this turbulent times with this financial support we want to continue to bring something new and special to the market in the London's music industry scene where not only would the artists have a platform to express their art and also they will have the guidance to become more than an artist and provide specialised individual teaching courses in order to give back to the community.

Even in the pandemic we look forward to bring joy and positivity to our customers and music to their ears!

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