Smokin Not Stirred-BBQ-Bourbon-Brew-Bus!

Smokin Not Stirred-BBQ-Bourbon-Brew-Bus!

2016 is going to be our year! Smokin' not stirred is our idea to allow us to share our love of bbq food & cocktails with the masses......

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Can you help 2016 be our year?

Smokin' not stirred is our idea we have been working on to allow us to share our love of bbq food and awesome cocktails with the masses. Drop the need for expensive over hyped restaurants, food is to be shared with everyone in locations everywhere.

2015 was a rough year for myself (Emmy) and my partner (Jon), it was our passion for rockin bbq food and magical cocktails that brought us together, working together myself as a bar manager and Jon as head chef of a local restaurant was the best 3 years of our lives, living together, sharing our lives together, this is the stuff we eat, sleep and breathe. Watching people enjoying food and drink is what feeds our souls, it makes us tick, it brings friends together and in our case it is where met.


We have chosen the route of crowd funding as we spent all our time working to fund our dream, but in May 2015 we both lost our jobs as the restaurant we were running lost its property as it was bought up by property big wigs. It hit us hard and saw us out of work, evertyhing we had saved was spent on just keeping food on the table, in a matter of weeks our lives had turned around and our dream was smashed. This has left us unable to fund the project in a normal manner we are looking for people to invest in us.

Now 6 months on we are itching to break free, stuck in main stream jobs just to pay the bills is soul destroying, we need a way to vent our passion for awesome food and drink but want to do this on our own and not working for someone else, we have the soul, love and passion for it we just need people to share our dream, be part of it and help us live it.


With your funds we are looking to purchase a old Mercedes bus and kit it our ready to hit street food events, festivals, events and wherever people want us! We have an American fast eddy smoker ready to rock, which took us a lot of saving for but we are hoping you lovely people can help us purchase our bus and kit it out with a bar and kitchen ready to go. The bus will contain a fitted wooden shack bar and servery ready for me to get shakin' my thing and the kitchen with a charcoal fired grill to give that authentic bbq flavour. If funds allow we would also love to set up a waffle maker to make some true bbq delights, have you ever tried hickory pulled pork or fried chicken sandwiched between the delights of 2 homemade waffles? You don't know what you are missing! Another thing i cannot wait for is to see me and Jon working side by side again, when this bus is rockin' you'd better come knocking because we will have some awesome delights for you inside :-)

Money is not going to be taken for granted on this project with all the work being competed by ourselves and friends, we will be funding all labour costs ourselves we just need to raise money for the materials to make this dream come true!

We will be asking for pledges of £5, £15, £50, £150, £250, £500 and £1000, in return for your pledge you'll be rewarded based upon how much you donate. Rewards include us cooking dinner and making cocktails for you, cocktail master classes, catering for you events, discount cards and limited edition t-shirts.

Thank you for taking the time to read our crowdfunder project and potentially making our dreams come true!