Smash house - anger management

Smash house - anger management

Smash House - Anger management ® is place where you can let it all out and take out that pent up rage on unsuspecting inanimate objects

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Born out of the nations  frustration and the need for an emotional outlet without any guilt or consequence is Smash House - Anger Management©

Imagine yourself: Grab your safety gear,  Choose your smashing weapon, enter your room, unleash all hell and Smash stuff up! 

Smash House©  is a place that you can leave all that rage behind (plus, it's tonnes of fun)

Our targeted audiences' would be corporate team building, stag and hen parties  and first dates but we've think this will appeal to everyone 

We're at the planning stage at the moment but with funding we can set this project up and give people a place that they can leave feeling at peace with their demons. 

We are looking for funding to cover the costs of the acquisition of a location, supplies such as safety gear and items to smash up, creating the smash zones and kitting out the venue with merchandise, reception area, water station. This a from scratch project