Smarter You - Educational app for children

Smarter You - Educational app for children

Help me to develop Smarter You - an educational app that motivate children to learn new things everyday

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

    App summary  

        Knowledge is the most important factor leading to one's success.  SMARTER YOU makes learning fun and convenient  . It motivates children to acquire new knowledge everyday and it's completely free to use.

    The idea

         The app provides users 7 interesting facts everyday in many topics : History,  Science,  Arts, etc .It's not easy to remember a bunch of new information in a day. I think 7 is a reasonable number for users to actually remember what they've learned, which means you will know more than 200 new things every month about the world around you . It is very crucial that you are better than you was yesterday.


         This idea came to me when I watched a tv series and the main character is a guy who knows nearly everything. 

    How the money will be spent

        30% of the money raised will be spent on development cost. The rest will be spent on advertising to reach as many users as possible.


        To find out more, please feel free to send me an email 

         I would like to thank you for your time here, I am very grateful for all your pledges and shares.