Smart wheels! Make it happen!

by David Zega in Coventry, England, United Kingdom

Smart wheels! Make it happen!
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The goal is to create a company for generations. Constant improvement and implementation of new solutions, as well as creation of jobs.

by David Zega in Coventry, England, United Kingdom


Hello! I’m David. A few years ago, highly motivated to pursue success and happiness, I realised what I need to do to fulfil myself and follow my dreams. I knew precisely how I want to work, how to start and what opportunities I would be given thanks to my plan. After becoming aware that I do have ambitions and skills to run my own business I started to save money straight away to be able to set up the company. I saved a significant part of the financial capital but it is still not enough. I will not be able to save much more on my own as I am awaiting a beautiful event – my daughter will be born. Since her birth is the most important for me at the moment, my hard work will be focused on her well-being.



Innovative system of international transport services! I want to create an advanced system of goods collection and delivery that will prevent traffic congestion consisting of empty lorries. I have also planned how drivers could swap without the need of coming to a company’s office. Such a change of drivers while on the road will prevent having more vehicles in the streets than needed and will positively influence the environment by reducing the levels of exhaust emissions. 



In order to develop my interests, I have been working in a supply chain company that specializes in transport services, freight forwarding and logistics. Thanks to this job, I managed to increase my knowledge and gain new skills with regard to the industry that I am so passionate about. However, I cannot imagine myself working for a corporation all my life. I have an entrepreneurial personality, I am able to make decisions, quickly handle problems and eagerly search for new solutions and improvements. Hence, I have this huge desire to run my own company. Being able to start this project is extremely important to me – I could fulfil myself, significantly increase my self-esteem, offer employment to many people and gradually introduce improvements in transport services. I am also aiming at achieving financial stability for my family and building up a family company that could be later taken over by next generations. 


I want to say thank you! I am truly grateful for the fact that you decided to read this text. Please help me build my future and share this link with as many people as you can. Do share this post on any of your social media platforms and tag your friends – let them know about my dream. Thank you for your support and kindness.

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