Smart chestband

Smart chestband

Engineering and manufacturing costs to build the SmartChestband prototype that helps athletes track their times.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi people,

My name is James and I'm a Materials student at the university of Oxford. I like my course, however I love running more. As a 100 m and 200 m sprinter my goal is always to run faster and my coach is ever the accurate time keeper. However, I found that I could not accurately time myself if my coach or someone else was not around to time me; I've tried apps but for such short disatnces, the errors on the apps are too large. So what I want to do, to help myself and other athletes, is build a smart chestband that tracks the distance of athletes (specifically sprinters) covered with millisecond accuracy using an accelerometer coupled to a very very fast crystal oscillator.

I have engineers and possible manufacturers but would need £1500 to get things going. I have raised £500 on my own so far.  Any excess donations received will be given to the highest donors or their charities. No amount is too little and many thanks in advance.