Small Wind Co-op

Co-own turbines in Wales & Scotland, & use the energy yourself at home. Get interest at 4.5-6.5% & support small farms & rural communities.

We did it!

On 22nd Aug 2016 we successfully raised £881,805 of £700,000 target with 298 investors in 70 days
Community Share Project

New stretch target

This is our overall target, enabling us to build all three turbines.

Community energy has really taken off in the UK over the last few years,  giving people the opportunity to directly own green energy generation and bypass the big energy companies, while supporting local communities.

The Small Wind Co-op is a new co-operative set up by the team at Sharenergy - one of the UK's foremost community energy organisations with over 30 successful projects under our belts, from Somerset to Shetland.

We're building on that success, offering you the chance to co-own 3 wind turbines as part of a democratic, ethical organisation. You get a decent return on your investment (from 4.5% to 6.5%) and even the chance to use the electricity we generate in your own home.  Here are three reasons to join us:

1. A sound investment

You can join our co-op for as little as £100. And you can benefit from a new Government scheme, the Personal Savings Allowance, which means that for many people the projected returns (6.5% for community shares) will also be tax free. 

2. Your turbines, your energy

Our 3 wind turbines will be in windy spots on 2 small farms in Wales and Scotland, but you can choose to use the electricity generated wherever you are in the UK. It's like having your own bespoke green tariff - you know exactly where your energy is coming from because you co-own the turbines.


3. Co-operative ethics

Not only are we going to generate clean green electricity, we are a one member-one vote democracy using a proven legal structure. We'll be contributing to local community funds to help others who live near our turbines, helping local people into employment and supporting community buildings.

For all the details of our project, our sites and our financial projections please see our community share offer document


You can buy community shares by clicking any of the 'rewards' on this page - don't worry if the amounts shown are not exactly what you would like to invest, you can alter them on the next page. Our total target is £1,591,000, which will enable us to build all 3 turbines across both sites. Our initial target of £700,000 will enable us to build one of the turbine sites. If for any reason we do not raise this target we will refund all the funds subscribed.

Both English and Welsh share offer documents are available along with other background information about the project at our website - or you can call us free of charge on 0800 043 4133  - we're here during normal office hours and we'd love to hear from you.

Risk Warning: Funding pitches through carries some risk. There is no guarantee for members making donations that any reward offered will be delivered. Equally, when members invest in community shares the capital they invest is at risk and they may not get back what they put in. Rewards based crowdfunding and the sale of community shares are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, nor covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Click here to read more about the risks.

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