Holly's quest to breed this super cool rare sheep

by Holly Leonard-Morgan in Shipdham, England, United Kingdom

Holly's quest to breed this super cool rare sheep
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The aim of my project is to increase the number of the rare Swiss Valais Blacknose sheep in the UK.

by Holly Leonard-Morgan in Shipdham, England, United Kingdom


Besotted, yes I am; with the Swiss Valais Blacknose. [Black and white sheep - Main photo]

Now age 17, I am asking for funding so that I can begin the journey towards 

playing a part in the reintroduction of the Swiss Valais Blacknose.

The market price is £3000 for a ewe, because of the rare nature of the breed in the UK; having only been recently imported from Switzerland.

My aim is to contribute to the breeding programme, preserving and supporting the revival of the Valais Blacknose whilst indulging my own love for the breed.


When she arrives, she will hopefully bond well with the founding flock members and once she is 'with lamb' the cycle can truly begin. 

I have constructed with the help of my father and brother an animal shed large enough for our goats and 20 sheep. Situated on deliciously green pasture. Preparation is already underway for winter having made our own haybales - country style!

1534852802_2018-07-27-PHOTO-00000478.jpgHaybales made by hand with a homemade wooden bail compressor.

Meanwhile, as I wait for that time I now while away the days in brushing, petting, house cleaning and hoof trimming- but these are the least time-consuming activities. Time is truly spent catering to their wonderfully attention seeking nature; lying on the ground rubbing horns, scratching noses and feeding them their favoured and much sought after cuisine: willow.


Meet the founding flock !

Our Golden Guernsey

**Albert can see the sheep; he is considering just how good the grass is on the other side of the gate**

Our British Guernsey

Victoria (wife of the above) - Like Albert she is two years old, she is quietly friendly, owing to the fact that her horns are growing which like any growing pain does not feel great; yet her timid side goes out of the window when we bring treat feed down - butting her way into the dark thicket of the sheep, fearing no challenge of a headbutt !

Our Southdown/Ryeland Crosses 

The sheep have fantastically wild and friendly natures especially now they have been shorn. They are often called a teddy bear breed owing to their tremendously thick fleeces which are astronomical in size when compared to a traditional sheep !

Thank you !



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£15 or more

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Small Muslin Pouch of Black Wool Sheep Fleece

I have lovely fleeces from my black/brown ryeland/southdown sheep Shorn by me ! And they are extremely large fleeces. The wool is raw and natural and will give you a feel (and smell- nothing bad !) for the country wherever you are I will place a handful in a muslin pouch and have it sent !!

£20 or more

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A Jar of Our Honey

A wonderful jar of Upton Honey - I have two busy hives, thus allowing me to bottle my own raw, honey ! As bees only fly around in a 3 mile radius this summers harvest will in part come from the wilderness of the animals pastures ! Classic 1lb Jar of clear/runny honey !

£50 or more

Name the new born arrivals - Adoption Certificate

With next years summer time arrivals of lambs and kids …. We will notify you with an email and send you photos so that you can choose a fitting name ! Then we will send you a birth certificate and a pack of photos of them growing up - playfights and all ! ---------------- You will not own the animal

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