To open a small patisserie in Norwich specialised in French Portuguese and English patisserie.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Being a pastry chef for 26 years and having had some many downs in my career, I am in a country that is making me revive the dream I never let die: open a small Pastry Shop. 

When i found myself unemployed again in a country that is not mine and having support of friends, I had to do something! So, after realising that I could work from home I thought to do what I know best: be me, be a Pastry Chef using my expertise in French and Portuguese patisserie but using fresh local products from Norfolk and giving that well known Patisserie a whole new twist taking it to the next level and allowing locals to find in the events/markets I go to buy and experience the flavours of other countries with my patisserie produced to a very high standard.

Since I started my venture as a self employed in the U.K. the feedback has been amazing and I see my work more and more recognised by the day. I have followers and customers around Norfolk and Suffolk. And more and more people ask: where is your shop? Where can we find you? Where? Where?

So, this is my pledge: I would like to gather enough to open a small pastry shop inn Norwich and to be able to work every day, to be able to be in a place that every body can visit me when they want and be present in people's lives everyday.

I appreciate your help, donation and sharing of my idea.

Have you imagined what sorts of different things I could make if I had a lovely place in the city? Because what I do at the moment is just a sample of the range of patisserie I can actually do.

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