Smallholding - Pedigree Sheep and Pig Breeding

by Simon Helm in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Smallholding - Pedigree  Sheep and Pig Breeding
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To raise money to assist in the conservation of both sheep and pig breeds, by way of raising the profile of these little know rare breeds.

by Simon Helm in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Firstly thank you for your interest in our page, whether you are just looking out of interest or whether you wish to pledge we hope your follow our story on our website.

The story so far, for countless years l have worked as a construction site manager building multi million pound houses within the South West, however for the past 5 years my partner Nikki and l have discussed taking on a smallholding as we are interested in the conservation of rare breed sheep, and from further research we discovered there are still some very rare breed pigs, namely the Oxford Sandy and Black (we currently have two on the smallholding, see pictures).

The plan, which is still developing! We plan to breed both the pigs and sheep for meat, now whilst this in some people's eyes isn't conservation it is, as the more we highlight the great meat these rare breed animal produce the more demand there will be for these animals, these rare breed animal don't lend themselves to commercial farming and require a lot more love and attention, which we have to give them, we have invested everything into our beautiful 5 acre smallholding overlooking the Mendip Hills, however we are lacking in a few areas such as farm equipment, buildings/structures and associated items.

We have built to date all our vegetable plots with raised beds, with the greenhouse and poly tunnel to be built over the coming weeks, we hope to be able provide meat and veg, on a small scale to start with to local restaurants and members of the public!

Your pledge! will enable us to bring this project, our dream to life far quickier, we have so many plans and have the space, time and now require the support, even if you cannot pledge money we would be happy for any help, by way of equipment or just advice!

Your money will go towards the following;

  • Mini tractor 
  • Quad Bike
  • Cattle Trailer 
  • Field Topper
  • General Trailer



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£150 or more

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£150 Reward

Half of a sheep in joints and chops

£250 or more

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£250 Reward

You will see from our website we build bespoke furniture, as a reward we will produce a bespoke piece of furniture for your home or garden.... Home: Side Table Entrance Hall Table Bench Seat Garden: Bench Log Store Bird Table/House These products are bespoke and will be one of a kind

£500 or more

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£500 Reward

Ewe Lamb Named After Yourself - Plus Whole First Lamb Produced in Joints & Chops

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