Garden flattened and a small build for my business

by Help Building my small business in Corby, England, United Kingdom

Garden flattened and a small build for my business


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Raising money to help me get my business off the ground. Moved to a new area, we don’t know anyone and I’m trying to attract new customers.

by Help Building my small business in Corby, England, United Kingdom

Hi, I’m Vicki and my husband is in the Army and we have just bought our own house and moved into it. 

I have a job, I am a self employed Beauty Therapist. But as you can imagine moving to a new town in a new county where you know nobody is a very hard start. 

My vision is to flatten and concrete my garden as there is a large raised flowerbed that is quite dangerous for my youngest son who loves to play in the garden. So flattening it will make the garden safer. I can put a small building that I can work from in it. This will give me a business boost and the reason for working at home is for my kids. My main motivation for being a self employed beauty Therapist. Being a mobile beauty Therapist is ok but I have to work around the kids. At least working at home I’m there for them. 

This will also help with more than one project as one job is getting the garden flattened and slabbed/concreted. Two is purchasing a small building with storage space to work from. Having it insulated, running electricity and water to it and plasterboarding it to make it presentable for clients. 

With not having frequent clientele and start up being slow we are having a cash flow issues, I need to start earning to afford a place to work from however the money isn’t coming in quick enough for us to be able to do so. 

This will really help with building my small business up. We’re struggling to get by each month on one soldiers wage at the moment and the hope is that this would really help. As we can not afford to spare a single penny to pay finance for this work to be done each month on his wage alone and I need a place of work to be more desirable and build a base client base. 

Seemingly we’re stuck in a vicious circle. We’re trying to do as much as we can ourselves and saving money where we can by doing what we can that is free. 

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