Small and renewable - New concepts for Scotland.

Small and renewable - New concepts for Scotland.

This ambitious project will involve creating a brand new concept of hospitality for travellers in Scotland: "Small and green is better"

We did it!

On 25th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £110 with 3 supporters in 28 days

About the Project

My name is Lorenzo di Bernardo. I am a luxury hospitality professional and young investor looking to purchase a property in the Scottish Highlands and convert it into an innovative and green guest house/hostel. 

This ambitious project will involve creating a brand new concept of hospitality for travellers in Scotland: In converting the property I seek to purchase into a gorgeous hostel, my team and I would aim for the renovation and redesign of the building to have as small an impact on the environment as possible by using repurposed and recyclable materials. The project will also involve also the installation of tiny houses around the plot made out of containers. Our goal is to show that “small is better” and that truly environmentally-friendly renovation of historic properties is possible.

We intend to take our time with this project to focus on careful, quality construction with the perfect repurposed and eco-friendly materials. As a result, this project will likely take 5 to 10 years to complete. At this early stage, we don’t have an ultimate fundraising goal to cover the entirety of the renovations. We’re currently focused on securing the funds to get us started in purchasing the property we have our eyes on. We are presenting this crowdfunding opportunity as a way to help us realize this dream of creating one of the most beautiful and eco-friendly guest houses in Scotland, if not the entire world.

Once we accomplish this goal, we will work toward our bigger aim of expanding and building properties like this one in other countries.

In addition to having global appeal to travelers and eco-tourists, our project has many benefits to the Scottish Highlands community. It will:

- create job opportunities

- highlight natural and remote spots of the Scottish Highlands

- Support the renewable and green economy in Scotland

- Introduce a new concept of hospitality that will bring tourism income to the area

For phase one of this project, we’re trying to raise £100,000 to be able to purchase this property.  

With your investment, we will be able to create an amazing hostel that we hope you will be able to visit. We are offering a number of attractive perks for anyone who contributes even at a small level.

About the Property

The property we are hoping to purchase is Lochcarron Church, located in Lochcarron, Strathcarron in the Scottish Highlands. The unique property is situated on a popular tourist route with amazing views. The abandoned church is nestled in a community that includes all the amenities necessary to support tourists, including a grocery, petrol station, restaurants and more. Outdoor activities abound in the surrounding Highlands, from hill walking and horse riding to mountain biking and sailing.

The following link contains details and images of the property:

Risks and challenges

The biggest risk I foresee with my campaign is making sure we have enough money to complete this purchase and renovation with the high degree of quality with which we would like to approach this project. I have great faith, however, that others will share in the vision of what  Lochcarron Church can become and will help us press on, sustaining our efforts with financial investments as we work diligently to ensure that our hostel is able to open its doors to world travelers.

Doing this will be challenging, but worth the risk!

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