SLV mental health placement to Sri Lanka.

by Emmanuela Osei-Asemani in Sri Lanka

SLV mental health placement to Sri Lanka.
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To fund my trip to Srilanka

by Emmanuela Osei-Asemani in Sri Lanka


I am an international student in the UK studying psychology. Getting good quality placements are a much needed part of my studies. 

SLV global is a UK based organisation that provides such placements to help psychology students, whilst also providing useful services in countries such as Srilanka and Indonesia to improve the well being of those there. The opportunities they provide are endless and range from teaching English to underprivileged groups to providing counselling to people of varying mental health states. 

I am very enthusiastic about being able to apply learnt skills as well as the knowledge gained in helping others have a better quality of life. I will be spending 4 weeks in Srilanka from July to August. Funds I get from this  I get from this will go towards paying the required fee of £1300. This trip is purely voluntary and will hopefully provide me with much needed exposure whilst also helping others.

Thank you for your support. 

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