Slow down the pace of online gambling

Slow down the pace of online gambling

The online gambling world is growing at an alarming pace, leaving behind people who are getting into massive debts, its time to slow it down

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Have you noticed that any major sporting event that is televised now has loads of betting websites, luring people in to have a flutter, and they are happy to take people's money. 

However, lots of people are becoming hooked on these websites, I have seen first hand people struggling to live month on month because of the money that they have lost to the websites. I appreciate that the gambling websites offer self exclusion, but the hardest thing for a gambler is admitting they have a problem. 

Websites are quick to take your money but if you win a sizeable chunk of money, they want proof of your identity! All the while giving you the option to cancel your withdrawal. This deterrent is put in place to counteract fraud, why is this not done on sign up, because they are worried it may turn the punter away! 

I am putting together this campaign to get the banks to support this initiative, I want to see restrictions put on the cards of all people stopping them from giving money to a betting website. The only way they can gamble is if they set themselves a monthly limit which the bank will allow transactions for, and then not exceed this limit. This would need to be on discussion with the banks. If that is too far fetched then rather than self excluding yourself from 1 shop or some website, you can self exclude yourself from betting website transactions taking place on your cards.