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Sleep Support for Families in Need In NE Lincs

by The Sleep Charity in Grimsby, England, United Kingdom

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Sleep deprivation leads families into crisis, we have 2 amazing Sleep Practitioners living in the area who would love to support families.

by The Sleep Charity in Grimsby, England, United Kingdom


The Sleep Charity was set up by a once sleep deprived mum who recognised the lack of support there is out there when your child has a sleep issue.  Sleep deprivation affects so many families and there is often no support available locally.  

Impact of Sleep Deprivation

We have had families contacting us who have lost their jobs because of sleep issues.  How can that happen you may ask?  One dad was a long distance lorry driver, he was at risk of falling asleep at the wheel.  Another parent was a pharmacist and unable to concentrate due to being chronically sleep deprived.  Families lose their homes too, relationships break down and one family were even selling their furniture to try desperately to raise funds to buy in private sleep support.  

Claire And Carol

Claire and Carol are two of our amazing Sleep Practitioners.  You can see their stories on our You Tube link.  They both have boys who have disabilities and they once both had sleep issues.  Claire and Carol are passionate about supporting families because they know first hand the difference getting a good night's sleep can make. 

Living in North East Lincs these lovely ladies travel to Doncaster and Bassetlaw to provide our sleep service commissioned by the NHS.  We have tried relentlessly to get a service in North East Lincs as we are inundated with requests from parents in the area for help. 

Our Project

Our Project will provide support to families in the area, giving them access to one to one sleep clinics.  They will also gain follow up support from Claire and Carol as they put their sleep plan into action.


Our work is evidence based, a recent research paper published in the British Medical Journal showed that on average our methods improve sleep duration by a huge 2.4 hours per night.  We can't wait to bring a better night's sleep to families and youngsters in NE Lincs. 

"Thank you, you've changed our lives, we couldn't have carried on much longer" Jayne, mum of Sam

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