"Skyline" - Support a brand new play

London is changing. Fast. "Skyline" is a new play in development which opens a window into the world of urban regeneration.

We did it!

On 22nd Nov 2015 we successfully raised £615 of £600 target with 18 supporters in 21 days

New stretch target

If we are lucky enough to hit our target, we will continue to push for an extra £250.

This will enable us to ensure we can pay a full allowance for our cast and crew's food and travel, which is an important gesture in a profit-share project such as this.

We will also be able to spend a little more money on printing good-quality programmes, and buying stationery to provide to our audience so they can write their responses to the script.

What is "Skyline"? 

"Think of it as the price to pay for living in the most desirable city in the world."

London is changing. Fast.

Skyline is a new play in development which opens a window into the world of urban regeneration.

Francesca, a prominent politician, and Jasper, a property developer, look out from the thirtieth floor and discuss a new development project. Janine and Rex worry about the very real possibility of being uprooted from the city they have always called home.

Skyline will be developed and rehearsed by a team of professional actors for two days, and then presented as a fresh work-in-progress at Ugly Duck.

This project is very much about starting a conversation about the themes raised in the play, so:

  • Our audience will be encouraged to offer their ideas and comments about the script at the end of the evening.
  • We will be hosting pre-show debates featuring exciting guest speakers (listed below).
  • We will be offering Writing Political Theatre workshops.

Who's involved?

Directed by: Natalie Songer - Natalie is a director, writer, producer and activist, and artistic director of Black Balloon Theatre. She has worked in various roles with NT Connections, the Mercury Theatre, Battersea Arts Centre, Eastern Angles, The Arches Glasgow, The Space Arts Centre, Women at RADA, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Frequency Audio Theatre. Natalie trained as an actor at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Written by: David Bottomley - David is a playwright, workshop leader and Literary Manager of the Jack Studio Theatre. He co-founded the London Playwrights' Collective and the Jack Writer's Workshop. His play “Waterton's Wild Menagerie”, was shortlisted for the 2012 Nick Darke Award and his play “The Peacock and the Nightingale” received its world premiere at the San Diego International Fringe Festival in 2014.

Produced by: Black Balloon Theatre

Technical Manager: Becky Brown - Becky is a freelance stage manager, technician and designer with a BA in Theatre Production from Bath Spa University. She has worked with Punchdrunk, Theatre Royal Bath, Vertebra Theatre, The Space Arts Centre, The So & So Arts Club and many others.

Performed by: A team of 5 actors TBC

Guest speakers:

  • Sian Berry (Green Party London Mayoral Candidate 2016)
  • Peter Murray (Chairman of New London Architecture)
  • Alice Perry (Islington Councillor for Labour and Representative of Local Government on Labour's National Executive Committee)
  • Leo Pollak (Southwark Councillor for Labour and Cabinet Member for Design)

Why do you need my help?

We need to fund the essential costs of this project to make it happen in the best way possible. We believe £600 is a perfect amount to make sure our project is well marketed, our cast and crew are happy and safe, and the space looks beautiful. All of these elements combine to create a fantastic experience for our audience.

Our milestones are:

  • £150 will fund the costs of hiring and transporting our technical equipment.
  • £250 will fund our technical hires and our marketing costs- the price of flyers, sponsored social media advertisement and the making of our trailer video. 
  • £400 will fund our marketing costs, technical hire, and ensure we are able to pay a food allowance for our cast and crew.
  • £600 will fund our marketing costs, technical hire, travel expenses, and ensure we are able to provide some money towards travel for our cast and crew.

Why should I support this project?

Black Balloon is a young and exciting theatre company working with new writing inspired by political and social events.

London City Nights said of our first show, "In This House" at The Space Arts Centre, that "It's a quietly great piece of theatre: engaging from start to finish, smartly put together", while Everything Theatre called it "A well written, immaculately acted drama".

Urban regeneration and the housing crisis is a huge issue, with London particularly affected by redevelopment, resulting in mass evictions of social housing tenants. Campaign groups like Focus E15 and Sweets Way Resists have drawn attention to this, and the housing crisis remains an extremely pressing issue for politicians across the political spectrum.

The theatre landscape has been slow to respond to this creatively fascinating area, and we believe we are one of the first teams to stage a performance project inspired by these issues.

This is an opportunity to be part of an exciting project at this crucial time in the company's history.



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