Skydive to Save Lives! ...3-miles & 125mph!

by R. S. Tumber in London, England, United Kingdom

Skydive to Save Lives! ...3-miles & 125mph!
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Skydive to Save Lives! ...3-miles & 125mph! Fighting against Meningitis, which kills or disables 1.7 million children & adults each year.

by R. S. Tumber in London, England, United Kingdom

Project:  Skydive to Save Lives! ...3-miles & 125mph!  Fighting against Meningitis, which kills or disables 1.7 million children & adults each year.

Mission:  Meningitis demands urgent detection & treatment.  Therefore, my mission is to fund research & raise awareness of meningitis among the public, in order to prevent death & disability.

Vision:  To heal & rebuild the lives of families and individuals affected by meningitis.

How YOU can help:  Meningitis is a deadly disease which can affect anyone, anywhere, and at any time!  Despite the success of some meningitis vaccines, the UK still sees around 3,300 cases of life-threatening bacterial meningitis and septicaemia every year, with some children & adults dying in less than four hours. 

Click Here for the shocking details of Faye Burdett (above)

Those of us who survive, may still be left with devastating life-changing injuries, including: brain damage, loss of limbs, blindness, and deafness.  Donations will go towards the leading UK meningitis charities, in order to help fund the research to prevent meningitis, and improve survival rates/outcomes.  With the right education and vaccination, YOU can help to control & eliminate this deadly disease.   

For your generosity, donations within certain thresholds will be rewarded.

Who is R. S. Tumber?  My name is Rajinder Singh Tumber (, and I'm a survivor of meningitis.  Having nearly died in hospital in 2010, I realised just how short life is, and my purpose in life:

     1. Love

     2. Helping others

I wish to help families & individuals to fight against this fatal disease.  So, I have joined the Confederation of Meningitis Organisations (CoMO), and I'm kindly asking for donations leading towards Sunday 27th August 2017 - whereby in the home of Stonehenge (Salisbury, UK), I will be falling 3-miles, at a speed of 125mph, in my Skydive to Save Lives! Video footage with the skydiving specialists (GoSkyDive) will be featured on my website.

In the aftermath of my traumatic battle with meningitis, I have been actively contributing to UK Parliament, universities, charity, and more (see  My contributions have been published in: The Times, The Huffington Post, SC Magazine, ISSA Journal, and others.  As well as being a member of CoMO, I'm associated with the following entities:


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

A signed paperback copy of R. S. Tumber's world record-breaking love poem: Divine Verse. Paperback copies are not publicly available anywhere in the world. For details, see:

£50 or more

£50 Reward

A signed paperback copy of R. S. Tumber's sci-fi/novel, Ministry of Realms: The Cloaked Planet. This magnificent work has been endorsed by former Disney Studios director, Joie Albrecht: “A thoroughly enjoyable fantasy romp where mythology springs to life – and danger, mysticism and excitement fill the pages!”. For more details, see:

£100 or more

£100 Reward

Signed paperback copies of R. S. Tumber's "Secrets of Reality" trilogy: 1) Secrets of Reality - Part I: Futuristic Past, Human Potential & Outer Space 2) Secrets of Reality - Part II: Ancient Magic, Witchcraft & Vampires 3) Secrets of Reality - Part III: Masons, Serpent Worship & King Arthur For further details, see:

£150 or more

£150 Reward

Signed paperback copies of the ULTIMATE PACKAGE - at a discount: 1) Divine Verse 2) Ministry of Realms: The Cloaked Planet 3) Secrets of Reality trilogy

£500 or more

£500 Reward

The ULTIMATE PACKAGE + Promotion of your company. Your company name/logo will be printed on the front of the t-shirt which R. S. Tumber will wear during his 3-mile skydive! The video footage of the entire jump will be recorded, and: 1) Shared with thousands of R. S. Tumber's followers 2) Placed on R. S. Tumber's website, 3) BONUS: Your company's name/URL placed on his website NOTE: No sexual-related content will be permitted.

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