Raising funds for a high octane Co-op Space Shooter game. Looking to get the funds to support the first three to six months of development.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


Skybreakers is a Star Fox inspired 4 player social-competitive Space shooter.

Our heroes so far: Drake, Kelly, Kath and Slater


Coming in 2015, Skybreakers will feature an array of characters, ships and levels that take you and your party to the edge of the atmosphere and beyond. Developed by Hexdragonal, a fresh team of fans for old school space-sims and shooters, Skybreakers is an indie labour of love for a bygone age of space shooters in a new age of social party games.


Fly over stunning Sci-fi landscapes with your friends!


But we need your help.


 We are a team of developers with a range of commercial games under our collective belts, but we want to make something truly special. A love letter to an age of spectacular space battles with you and all your friends caught in the excitement of every moment. But we need your donations and social sharing power to get the word out!

But where does the money go?

I'm glad you asked, our lowest level of funding is enough to get us to a public beta and eventually, beyond. We aim to deliver a fun, clean party game-play experience after 14 weeks of development. After this period, development will be funded using sales and external funding until we are happy with Skybreakers. Here's a quick break down:

A quick break down of our funding

Thank you for checking out our Crowd Funder! Any money pledged, no matter how small, is a great step to releasing this game!

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Engage in the game or chill with the Devs, search #Skybreakers on Facebook or Twitter!