EpiShuttle For SkyAngels Air Ambulance Charity

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EpiShuttle For SkyAngels Air Ambulance Charity

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Help purchase this special equipment so we can continue to work through this COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. As seen on SkyNews 08/04/20

SkyAngels Air Ambulance, the UK first fixed-winged air ambulance charity, working with other air ambulance charities within the UK and worldwide. At the present time we are able to fly utilising private air ambulance aircraft, helicopters, place our medical crews onto airines and can also task private corporate jets and helicopters.

Our aim is to fly our own jet air ambulances with a planned UK fleet of three aircraft which will include one wide-body jet.

We require these EpiShuttles to move COVID-19 patients and indeed other high risk patients across the UK. We have been in talks with Epi since Dec 2019 to discuss the EpiShuttle and how we can transport highly infectious patients, safely and at some speed on behalf of the NHS. 


Once the patient is loaded in the EpiShuttle, medical staff don’t have to wear full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during transport of highly infectious patients. This allows for longer shifts and reduces the risk of making mistakes due to fatigue or reduced situational awareness.


The EpiShuttle can be configured to either protect the surroundings from the patient, or to protect the patient from the surroundings.


The EpiShuttle is reusable and can be safely disinfected and re-assembled in less than two hours. This significantly reduces the cost per transport compared to single-use transport isolators.


Glove ports provide medical personnel access to patient’s entire body. Food, medicine, and equipment can be safely sluiced into the EpiShuttle. The patient can be intubated and mechanically ventilated during transport and IV-lines and monitoring equipment can be attached


The EpiShuttle is CE 1789 compliant and can be safely used in ambulances, helicopters, and airplanes. Adapters are available for several leading stretcher brands and an L-track attachment with universal brackets ensure that the EpiShuttle can be secured safely regardless of stretcher or vehicle type.


The EpiShuttle is CE-marked as a Class 1 Medical Device.


Vehicles that are used for transport of highly infectious patients in the EpiShuttle do not have to be disinfected after patient transport. This saves time and money and ensures that vehicles can remain in operation as much as possible.


A soft mattress and adjustable backrest and leg support gives optimal patient comfort during transports of up to 24 hours. Visibility through the transparent hardtop allows for better communication between the patient and surroundings.

Thank you to SkyNews for this....

The Scottish Air Ambulance is currently testing this equipment, the German Air Ambulance has purchased a number of units and three European Air Forces have deployed EpiShuttles to rescue COVID-19 patients from remote areas

The single patient isolation pods are now in service with the Royal Air Force, the Royal Norwegian Air Force, the Royal Danish Air Force and the German Air Ambulance DRF. The three Air Forces and the German Air Ambulance have all deployed the pods during the last week. The EU-supported EpiShuttle was developed by doctors and engineers by the Norwegian company EpiGuard.

Ellen Cathrine Andersen, CEO of Epi Guard, said: “An ambulance or aircraft would normally require two to four hours of disinfection between every transport. Isolation pods reduce the need for disinfecting the ambulance, protecting both the crew and the next patient from being infected.

“Single patient isolation systems increase the capacity of our healthcare system by making evacuations and transport between hospitals more effective. The EpiShuttle allows patients to receive treatment during the evacuation while protecting the crew.”

Ashley "Wings" Stowell,  Clinical Director, Lead Aeromedical Paramedic SAAA.

SkyAngels aim is to purchase at least one unit at approx £40,000 ASAP, with a further 1-2 units over the next 12 months. If we do not reach our first funding target, those funds will be used for our air ambulance in saving lives within the UK. Once funded, our EpiShuttle will be made available to other air ambulance charities within the UK as and when required.

We are based at Birmingham Airport [BHX] but our charity remit is to operate across the whole of the UK and indeed offer repatriations for British citizens in distress.

Many thanks for your support....Polo

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