Skint Dad Crowdfunding Project

Skint Dad Crowdfunding Project

Skint Dad is an online website dedicated to help people keep more money in their pockets. Help us expand and do much more!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Skint Dad’s Crowdfunding Campaign

Project Aim

Skint Dad is an online website dedicated to help people keep more money in their pockets. Help us expand and do much more!

Our story

Hello, my name is Ricky Willis and along with my wife Naomi (and a bit of help from our two daughters Daniella and Chloe) we run the money saving blog Skint Dad.

It was back in 2013, at our lowest point, that we found ourselves in a massive amount of debt, less than £6 to our name, and there was still a week before payday.  It was a situation where if we didn’t do something drastic, we would have lost everything.

It was at this point where we could either survive or not survive. We chose the first option.

From that moment we took an oath to change our lives for the better. We took control of our debt, drastically reduced our outgoings and looked at other ways to increase our income. We realised that although our situation was bleak, we could change it for the better.

At the same time we also launched our blog Skint Dad. We knew we couldn’t be the only family in this position and so by sharing our journey, we hoped that we could inspire others to take control of their situation.

The blog soon took off and over the next couple of years we won multiple awards, got invited onto daytime TV to chat about our story, appeared in the national press. We have continued to created content that helps people just like us keep a bit more money in their pockets.

We proved that no matter what situation you’re in, you can make a better life for yourself. Like us, you just need to be brave and take that first step.

What we do currently

Skint Dad publishes regular content multiple times a week on topics covering personal finance, increasing income, cheap recipes and getting the best deals. The site receives around 150,000 page views per month.

We also publish as weekly newsletter called The Skint List. Every week this goes out to 10,000 subscribers (and counting) and is full of innovative ideas to help the reader save and make money.

On Facebook we run a brilliant group entitled ‘Reduce Your Supermarket Spend’ which has thousands of members all helping each other cut their weekly shopping bill.

We are committed to help every single reader be better off. Whether they are looking to clear debt, save for a rainy day, or just find some inspiration for cheap family meals; we are consistently thinking up new ideas to help them achieve this.

Why do we need to crowd fund?

We started the blog in 2013 just as a part time hobby, but within six months it became a full time concern.

I was working every spare minute I had. Naomi was working as soon as she was home from her full time job. For three years, we have lived and breathed our business while raising our children.

We have so many ideas (see below). We want to share as many of our ideas with current and new readers to help them save money and change habits, so everyone can have an opportunity for a better life. However, this is not currently possible with the amount of hours we have in a day.

We need to push forward and really go full throttle.

Our aim is for Naomi to work full time on the business with me, but before we do this we need some backing. We need to ensure we have finances to cover our living costs for 3 or 4 months. This is the amount of time planned to grow our income to a level is it now with Naomi’s wages. What that equates to is £6,000.

We have looked at different options for investment and loans, but because of our well documented issues with debt in the past; getting any type of business loan or grant has been impossible without paying extortionate interest.

And even though I have complete faith in the business; I’m not willing to commit to something that will see us paying back the £6,000 + ££££ on top! It just wouldn’t make sense, you know?

We have seen crowdfunding as an option when we’ve carried out business growth research. Then, after seeking feedback from our readers, a number of them have suggested crowdfunding to move forward. With the backing of our readers, we are now pushing forward to change our lives again.

Future plans

Once we (hopefully) raise the cash, we will then go about implementing the following ideas:

1. We want to create a range of Skint Dad eBooks that we will give away completely free of charge to anyone and everyone.

These will include:

SAVE: Skint Dad’s Guide to Reducing Your Supermarket Spend

MAKE: Skint Dad’s 52 Week Guide to Upping Your Income

MANAGE: Skint Dad’s Big Book of Budgeting

CHEAP RECIPES: Skint Dad’s Fakeaways & Other Cheap Recipes

DEALS: Skint Dad’s A – Z Guide to Paying Less for Everything!

These are just working titles and we hope to create a total of 5, but you get the jist. And the main thing to remember is that we will be giving them away FREE, forever.

2. We are going to make a whole new section on our site full of helpful printable’s.

These will include:

-Meal planners

-Budget planners

-Saving challenges

-Spending diaries

Again, these are not set in stone and we’ll listen to our readers to create a range of resources that will be completely free of charge, forever!

3. Finally, and this is something that both Naomi and I have wanted to get off the ground for a while, is for us to launch the Skint Dad podcast.

This won’t be any ordinary podcast either. Our goal is to have a weekly podcast where we get a Skint Dad follower on (yes, that means you) to talk about your personal finance achievements and inspire the listeners to take action and improve their situation.

Whether you’ve saved enough cash to buy your first house, you’ve cleared a massive amount of debt, or maybe like us, you’ve come through a rough patch and are now making a decent life for yourself, we want to hear about it.

Just writing about this fills me with so much enthusiasm. I honestly think it will be awesome!! :D

So there you have it. We would love it if you could support us in this crowdfunding project. Whether that’s donating or sharing our idea with your friends and family!

Thank you.