Skinlync: Simplified skin wellness

by Atiqah Zaki in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

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We are on a mission to create a digital health platform that will help simplify skin wellness for individuals with common skin conditions

by Atiqah Zaki in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

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According to the British Skin Foundation, approximately 36 million British people have suffered from a skin condition at one point in their life. But, there are approximately 800 dermatologists in the UK. This has made managing the skin condition extremely difficult. Given this, sufferers or carers are expected to self-manage. But unfortunately, there is no user-friendly effective tool to do so. Until now…


After a gruelling weekend of brainstorming, pivoting and pitching, Skinlync emerged as the winning business idea at the University of Cambridge's flagship entrepreneurship event, Venture Creation Weekend 2019 (Biotech and Healthcare). With the aim of simplifying skin wellness for individuals with common skin disorders, our business idea centred around the power of community and connectivity in making self-management easier. Now, we are on a mission to make this idea a reality.

This business idea originated from Atiqah's personal experience dealing with eczema her whole life. Managing her skin has been an arduous process and she wanted to develop a way to make it easier for others like her to manage their skin. Atiqah managed to conquer her most recent eczema flare up by trying a supplement recommended by her friend who had the same condition and tracking the progress of her skin. She now wants to make the same exchange of information and tracking more accessible to everyone with a skin problem, be it eczema, acne, etc.


Frustrated with your skin? Looking for a solution?

We have all been there. Be it eczema, acne, fungal infection or any other common skin conditions, searching for the right remedy can be difficult, tiring and frustrating.

End your scavenger hunt. Join Skinlync!

The internet has too much information and this can be overwhelming. With Skinlync, we have developed a way to only share relevant information with you.

Link with others like you

Our technology enables us to match you with people who have the same condition as you. Find them through Skinlync, learn what remedies they have tried and share experiences with each other.

Learn from the community

Discover the most popular products others like you have tried.

Log your healing journey

Now that you have found some remedies to try, log and track your skin's progress to determine if the remedies worked. Don't forget to keep track of everything you have tried, including anything prescribed by your doctor.

Enhance your well-being through better skin

With more efficient access to relevant information coupled with a structured healing journey, you are on your way to better manage your skin.


We are a team of four, of which three are former and current students of the University of Cambridge. We were recently selected to join the university's accelerator program, Accelerate Cambridge. Yigit and I recently graduated from the MBA program and are working on this venture full-time. Sasha is pursuing her PhD in biochemistry whilst our fourth team member Cemal is currently working hard to develop the Skinlync platform. We are an international team with diverse background and skills. We believe in our idea and we hope you do too. Let's help simplify skin wellness together!


Developing the software to help power Skinlync requires investment into computers with high processing capacity and large server. Also, since this is a community based platform, we require funding to kick start our digital marketing strategy to attract users and build our brand. Every cent counts!


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