Skin and Mental Wellness (OQAY Aroma)

by Vanisha Tailor in London, England, United Kingdom

Skin and Mental Wellness (OQAY Aroma)
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Pure and natural aromatherapy products for skin and mental wellness. Let the essence of essential oils help you live an organic lifestyle.

by Vanisha Tailor in London, England, United Kingdom

Bringing you pure and natural aromatherapy product for skin and mental wellness.


The vision at the beginning of OQAY’s journey was solely to help her father, it then evolved into a momentum of how she could help other people with mental wellness and skin conditions, during or post chemotherapy or other illnesses that lead to dry and itchy skin. We have also found that with the blends of essential oil and coconut oil combined these can also have a huge contribution to better mental wellness.


Our natural and healthy aromatherapy skincare brand “OQAY Aroma” was developed from its founder Tavinia Hutchinson constantly searching for products for her father, who is a former cancer patient, to use on his skin after chemotherapy. 

“I have memories of me as a little girl living with my mother. Coconut oil was all she would use on my skin, and that evidently seems to have allowed me to grow up having very beautiful and healthy skin. Experience with this product is what influenced the expansion of my knowledge and research into the health benefits of coconut. My father is big on having great smelling products on his skin, so I knew aromatherapy would have been a great addition to my ingredients. He turned out to be my first customer of the great, now named Caribbean Mood.”


The team consists of a Creative Director, Vanisha Tailor, she is passionate about anything related to brand and packaging and is a firm believer in the power of a pure brand comes pure products and services. Vanisha is dedicated to ensuring OQAY owns this exact image. Passionate about presentation and visualisation of the company her enthusiam reflects her work through the brand and packaging.


Our target audience are young people in the UK between the ages of 18-34 who are health conscious, those persons who roams the internet and shopping isles trying to find products that says “free from” “Cruelty free” and “Vegan friendly”.


- To source more organic ingredients for all products

- To have sustainable packaging for products to meet our NO plastic policy to ensure we are doing our part for cleaner oceans and the environment.

- To help us educate our market to push awareness of the benefits to consumers. 

- To help us market our products showing consumers the huge benefits of our unique blend of essential oils with coconut oil.

- To have a better online presence with an effective website for consumers to purchase the products with ease.

OQAY is Giving you the Organic Lifestyle Deserved (GOLD) with pure and natural ingredients.


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